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Hey, I'm Midnight Flight

Midnight Flight

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Welcome to the MLPForums family! :D


We're glad to have you here. I have to say, this feels to me like the one place I've ever encountered that has a huge amount of people, and yet everyone is still friends. xP


So your name is Midnight Flight, eh? That's  FREAKING AWESOME!!!!! 8D WE SHOULD BE BESTEST FRIENDS FOREVER!!!!!! a really cool name, although i may just be biased because I'm obsessed with the night sky and nocturnality :P


By the way. <shamelessselfadvertising> You enjoy trawling the seas of fanfiction? Why not my fanfiction? </shamelessselfadvertising>


Great to have you here. Have fun on da forums! :3

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Nice OC you've got there. :3 He looks cool.


Also, welcome to the forums! :D Your introduction is really short, mind I ask what you like doing? Any hobbies? 


You can also find so many people here that you might want to talk with or even have a chat with. There should be someone that can relate to you fairly quickly here because everyone is also so kind. :P


If you want to chat or anything, send me a message. :3 I'll answer quickly. (hopefully)

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