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Rainbow Dash shoe design (Help requested)

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Recently a while back I created a design for a Nike Rainbow Dash tennis shoe. If any of ya'll have seen my artwork before, you may have noticed that I'm not a fan of coloring. I just prefer shading/pencil drawings.


Anyways, I don't want someone to do this for me, I would just like suggestions for the color scheme on this shoe design. (Pictures posted below.) 

The original picture was drawn on paper, then I remade it on MS Paint to screw with the colors. It was not long after that I found out the coloring was going poorly.


My goal with this shoe design is to try and not make it tacky. I was aiming for more of something that was not as plastered with rainbows and other things that challenge the shoe design to be subtle and simple. Simplicity is sometimes the key to a great innovative idea.



I began to screw with the colors a bit with this color guide I jacked from Google images. I'm not really feelin' much of the color design except for the wing and Nike badge.


And here is my plainly drawn shoe just for your viewing pleasure.


And this was the original idea.


And here's a link to my deviantart just in case you folks are interested in the other weird crap I seem to come up with:

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Normally I don't care for shoe design.. but these... 10/10 would buy.

I'd love to help, but it's late for me, if nobody replies to this next time I'm on, I'll surely help you out!

Thank you! 

I'd appreciate hearing your input on this shoe design whenever you are online next. Thank you for your interest in this idea!

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