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Replying to specific comments

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I was wondering if there might eventually be able to be a system where we could reply to a comment made on a song or our profile, and have the commenter to whom we are replying be notified that a reply has been made.


(You know, to thank others for taking the time to write something, etc.  <3 )

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Would love to add this, but there are a couple of ways it could be done:

  1. Keep comment threads "flat" and linear, while adding some means of referencing another comment in your own - think quoting posts here on MLP Forums. "Quoting" a comment would send its author a notification with a link to yours. You can reply to multiple comments at once with this system, and read through a discussion from beginning to end in one go. It's just like a forum thread.
  2. Make comments threaded - hitting the reply button on a comment attaches your comment underneath it, creating a sub-thread. Reddit, deviantART, and many blogs use a threaded system like this; however, if I implemented it this way, there's no way I'm making comments nested any further than one level.

Which would you prefer?

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