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ATTENTION! possible new pony convention! poll, please vote


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I have been thinking of putting together a pony convention in my area, it would be for bronies in the huntington west virgina / ashland kentucky/ and lawrence county ohio areas" and also for anypony outside that area that would want to make the drive in." possible location would be in huntington west virgina to give easy access to bronies in the tri-state area. where i live the closest pony con is trotcon 150 miles away. so would you go? I am also interested in finding bronies in the areas listed . this convention would be held at a future date to be determined latter. just seeing about how many would go.

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There are way too many conventions already so starting a new one is generally a bad idea, especially if the nearest one is only 150 miles away. If you're really intent on putting something together, a simple meet up would be a great way to start. If it has a good enough turnout, you could plan bigger for the next one. Who knows? If your meet up grows, it could turn into a con. That's how BronyCon got its start. Personally though, I wouldn't focus on turning it into a con. Meet ups are easier to manage and often just as much fun, if not more fun than conventions. Because they're smaller, you can get to know everyone personally, do fun activities together, raid a mall for pony merch, etc.


Also, before starting a meet up of your own, you might want to check various sources and see if there's already a meet up group in your area. If so, it might be a better idea just to join it. If you do end up putting something together yourself, I wish you the best of luck.

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Pretty much what Apple Bloom said. There are a glut of pony cons right now, so it's unlikely you'd be able to pull in enough guests/vendors/famous figures to make it worth your time and money. Organizing a meetup is a great, safe way to get a group together and gauge interest in your area. If it goes poorly, you don't have much to lose, whereas if a con goes poorly, it can cause quite a bit of damage.

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I know planning a convention sounds awesome and fun... But it is a HUGE responsibility. Not to mention, in the end if you don't break even, you'll be using your OWN funds to make sure everything is paid for. Trust me, my friends ran an Anime convention for three years. Conventions cost thousands of dollars, and whether or not people show up, you still have to pay the hotel, the voice talent, the agents... just to name a few expenses. If you don't make what you've spent back in the end, you could end up thousands of dollars in debt. No joke.


I mean, I've staffed a few different cons in my time, and I gotta say I would never want to be financially responsible for one. And considering there is already a convention happening ONLY 150 miles away, I'd say that frankly, a convention wherever you are would be a terrible idea. You would be in competition with that con, regardless of your date. Some people can only afford one con a year, and likely they'll pick the popular/more established one. 150 miles is not far to go for a con.

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