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How I draw ponies. (I think its adorable)


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Well, I used to make wall papers, loved making them until I got a little out of the fandom and got bored with making them. So, now I make these wonderful little things. 


post-20662-0-36856000-1384696687_thumb.png post-20662-0-30285600-1384696763_thumb.png


Isn't it freaking adorable. I love them. I thought this was the best place to post them. I've only really done those two, and I made another one that I have on tumblr, that I didn't think was good enough. If anyone cares, I'll link the tumblr. Once I've drawn more I'm probably going to be posting them on my Deviant Art. 

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err, there is A LOT of room for improvement!




Click this link to learn how to draw ponies really well(Chaotic Fireball gave me this over 7 months ago, and I wanted to give it to you).

I dont want to draw ponies well. I want to draw in this silly little, very little detail style, because I find it to be cute and fun to draw. 

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well I think there great, everyone should use whatever style makes them happy.

Thank you. This is the only time I've perused art just to make me happy, rather than hone a skill. I think they're cute, and I love my silly little line-less ponies. 

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I cannot deny that I find a certain charm to these and they honestly remind me of little clay figurines.  In this regard, so long as you are enjoying yourself and having fun with these little projects, that is what truly matters.  Actually, I could probably take a lesson or two from you in that respect.

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