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How old do you think the ponies are? (G4)


How old are the ponies?  

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  1. 1. How old are the mane six?

    • 13
    • 14
    • 15
    • 16
    • 17
    • over 18
  2. 2. How old are the cutie mark crusaders?

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    • 6
    • 7
    • 8

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Twilight always seemed younger than the rest of the mane 6 to me. I'd say Twilight's about 18.

I think that the rest of the mane 6 are in their early-mid 20's.

The CMC are probably 10-12 years old.

Sunset Shimmer is a year or two older than Twilight(19-20 years old), but she's deaged to about 16 in the human world.

The human main five+ Sci-Twi are about 15-16 years old.

Starlight Glimmer is probably about the same age as Sunset Shimmer.

And Trixe's about the same age as Starlight.


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I like to think that the main characters are teenagers. This is because the CMC's are just a little younger than the main characters, yet they act very childish. If the CMC's are so childish, then the Mane Six, who are just a little older than them, are definetely teenagers.

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This is definitely subjective. So I'll just go with my instincts. 

I think Pinkie is the youngest and Applejack is the oldest. 

I like to think they age like 4 years over the course of Friendship is Magic. 

So the CMC might be 8 at the beginning but they up at 12, in my headcanon the age of responsibility for a pony. 

I like to think Twilight is older than Starlight. In fact my headcanon is Starlight is like a younger sister to Twilight perhaps 2 years younger. Since Twilight seems to be more mature. 


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Honestly I think you’re probably right about the mane six being around 20ish but cmc are probably 8ish. Trixie is probly a bit younger then the mane six but not by much but starlight I’m not to sure she seems about same as the mane six or trixie but all the stuff she’s done kinda makes me think a bit older but idk

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My personal headcanons for the ponies' ages are as follows:

  • Twilight Sparkle: 14
  • Pinkie Pie: 15
  • Rainbow Dash and Fluttershy: 16
  • Rarity and Applejack: 17
  • The CMC: 8


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I like to see Applejack as being the oldest of them, due to how mature she acts, Rainbow Dash to me is the youngest due to her youthful behavior. With specified ages, I imagine this:

:dash: 18

:-P:mlp_smile: 19

:mlp_grin::fluttershy: 20

:mlp_bedeyes: 21

:catface::scoots::unamused: 8

There are also episodes where the characters have a birthday, so in late Season 1 Pinkie Pie turns 20 (Party of One), in Early Season 2 Twilight also turns 20 (Sweet and Elite), this could imply that Pinkie Pie is a few months older than Twilight (haha I remember making this theory in 2023 during my MLP hype phase :ButtercupLaugh:)

Also, for me the Equestria Girls thing isn't meant to make sense, I don't think that the Mane Six and other characters who are adults in the Pony world become Teenagers in the Human world because the age adult ponies have is the equivalent to a teenage human etc, it's a good theory but I don't agree with it, for me they (including Fleur De Lis) are teenagers in Human world because they are meant to play specific roles in that reality, so some sort of mysterius force or something decides to turn Twilight, Sunset, Glimmer into students instead of teachers or something else, Spike into a dog instead of a human, etc...

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My personal headcannon stands as thus:


Twilight: Season 1: 20-23yrs old- Season 9: 29-32yrs Twilights behavior and mannerisms always struck me as a young adult just making her way into the world, often ignorant to how it really operates.

Applejack: Season 1: 21-24yrs old-Season 9: 31-33yrs  Given that she more or less owns and runs the farm that sells alcohol.(Don't even try to deny that one. :P) assuming pony laws run similar to human ones, she would at least need to be 21 to sell beer. oh erm, sorry CIDER...*wink, wink, nudge, nuge* 

Fluttershy: Season 1: 18-20yrs old-season 9: 28-31yrs old. Fluttershy has always struck me as the second youngest of the group given her shy nature and often blissful ignorance and her actions at the gala farther enforce this due to how immature she behaved there.

Pinkie Pie: 17-19yrs old-Season 9: 26-29yrs old Clearly the youngest one of the group, Pinkie has always had a youthful vigor to me that struck me as she was still this hyperactive teen starting out in season 1 willing to break the rules to a point for the sake of fun.

Rarity: Season 1: 25-28yrs-Season 9:  34-37yrs Rarity always struck me as the oldest and most mature of the group though she is prone to immature stunts like the rest of them.

Rainbow Dash: Season 1: 19-21- Season 9: 28-31 Though portraying just as much youthful vigor as Pinkie Pie, Rainbow Dash always struck me as a little older than Pinkie though close enough in age to enjoy pranks as much as the teen mare would.


The CMC:

So instead of putting individual ages here, I'm gonna lot them all in the same age group since cannonly, they all got their cutiemarks at the same time.

Season 1: 8-10yrs-Season 9: 16-18years old While they clearly don't look it, the 3 showed growth and maturity as the series went on that I believe accurately reflects these age groups.

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Well, outside the very strange lore of EG, I'm a part of the over 20 team :

Rainbow Dash is around 18-19. She's definitely the young person following the military service (considering the wonder bolt as the flight service) after the high school graduation. She's also the most immature and selfish/narcissist one of the group, things you find in most teen/young adults thinking they know everything about the world. 
Twilight is around 20. She's a student, and has years of practice behind her despite being an exceptional unicorn. 
Pinkie Pie, probably the same age as Twilight or slightly older, like 23. A bit too young to have a lot of 
responsabilities like the Cake not wanting her to babysit (but maybe because she's also hyper), but they trust her enough to sell and bake in the shop. So yeah, not a very young pony like RD.
Fluttershy. Canonically 1 year older than pinkie, so with my logic, she's like 24, have more responsibilities, more mature than the previous 3, and is an older sister like AJ or Rarity (Pinkie and Twilight are younger sibling and RD have no sibling). Older sibling have to grow a bit faster than the rest. She also hang out often with Rarity (from my personal experience, I don't like to hang out with people wayyyy younger than me.)
Then AJ and Rarity have the same age, around 26-27. Both have HUGE responsabilities because they own shops and are living from their own businesses. Big Mac may be older than AJ, but she seems to be the one running the farm. She has to take care of her grandmother and her little sister, being the "mom" of the group. The death of her parents, running the farm and taking care of the family doesn't only make her the most mature of the group, but she's also used to it, meaning she does that since a long period. 
Rarity own a shop in ponyville since a moment, then opened more shops later. She's also "a mom" to her little sister most of the time (where are the parents really ???), and yes, sometimes she's dramatic but I don't count her histrionic trouble. 

Also, it's not rare to see Rarity with either AJ or Fluttershy, because the have things in common, and are often the one being less excited by crazy adventure and like to either work or relax (more you get older, lesser you want to get out of your comfort zone).
While Pinkie, RD and Twilight are often aligned into trying new stuff and being hyper. Even tho Twilight is a "neutral" charracter so she can align with the other mane six. 

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Hm i like to think the mlp timeline from s1-s9 are 5-6 years there being 4 hearths warming eves/christmas

twilight being around 18-19 when the show starts and 23-24 years old during s9 but the full grown alicorn twi being 35

Pinkie is 20 in s1 and 25-26 in s9

Rainbow dash, rarity and fluttershy being 21 in s1 (ik shes probs one of the oldest but i headcanon her being taller than the rest not older as a child😭) and 27-28 Shen the show ends

aj being the oldest 25 years old and the end being 30 lol !!



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