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Princess Bella

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I'm 21.


I know you guys might not think that because of my avi and sig, but the thing is, since I've made clear my desire to never drink alcohol or do those dangerous things like smoking or doing drugs, ive considered my use of my current avatar as a sign of innocence and purity for someone growing up in the United States at this time where so many people my age are going off and doing bad things, and I'm not one of them.


And I thought "What signifies that much innocence and purity more than a little baby?"

I'm the same way. People have literally insulted and bullied me because I refused to drink on my 21st birthday.


25 and I still have no plans for it. I have better ways to spend my money and I've had literally no interest in it my entire life. The entire fact that people practically want to force me to drink is sure to keep me away from it for the rest of my life.

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I'm 19 but I feel like I should be younger.  People think I am still a kid and I look rather young according to others.  I think of myself as immature and I still feel like I should be 16 or something. 

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I'm currently 25, turned that age a couple of weeks ago.  I know I still have so much of my life ahead of me but I don't really feel like I've done enough in that time span to consider it a "successful lifetime" so far.  :maud: 

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Upon the next date of my birth, I shall be 40 years old.


... wow... that looks SO strange actually SEEING those words in print.  *rueful chuckle*

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