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Gaming Hitman Blood Money or Hitman Absolution?


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I don't know about anyone else but i did not really like how hitman absolution had a story to it, I can't remember is any other hitman game had a story and i can't really remember if Blood money had a story but i'm sure it did not


I liked it on Blood Money how you just given someone to kill and off you go, Find out of to kill him/she 


But in hitman absolution you was killing people to find out where they had taken Victoria and i did not really like that but that could just be me


What about you, hitman absolution or Hitman blood money? 

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Definitely Blood Money. It was a brilliant game and I've completed it multiple times.


I bought Absolution around six months before its release and I was very excited for it. After playing it for a while though, I found that I wasn't enjoying it too much and ended up not finishing the game.

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I actually enjoyed Absolution a lot more than I think other people did. It's more forgiving in terms of when people notice you, but that's not a killer for the game, since I would often challenge myself to avoid being noticed whatsoever, and then it plays much the same as previous Hitman games. It actually makes it kind of fun if you want to "go with it" once several people have started shooting. You'll get a pretty bad score, but it feels more hectic.


You could probably get either one for cheap during a sale, or even a collection of all of them. Absolution has more refined graphics, so consider that too.

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I've played Absolution all the way to completion but I never played Blood Money before. As sad as that may seem. :(


I heard really good things about it though and it looks like an awesome game to play. I would probably go with Blood Money because it's more of the classic Hitman style that we know and love. 

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