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  1. I get the sense that blonde and white can be a bad combination for certain interests. If you're asian, indian, redheaded, etc., it becomes more normal for you to be "quirky" and unique. I admit that somewhere in the back of my mind, blonde/white/geeky forms the stereotype of "Hm, I wonder if they're ACTUALLY that geeky, or if they're playing an act for attention." It's an unfortunate learned trait. It's possible I've received marginal discrimination for being white, or for being a guy - the latter one being a bit hard to avoid, and one you can only really think of if you're viewing things as an "Elephant-based society". (I can't find the explanation on google, but basically it's where people are viewed as how different they are from elephants, as opposed to how different they are from married, white, heterosexual, christian males)
  2. This video contains major spoilers for the ending to Spec Ops: The Line. If you mistakenly believe that you are never going to play that game, then go ahead and watch it - and immediately regret that you didn't experience it on your own, by playing through it all. One way or another, an excellent Source Filmmaker video.
  3. I'm kind of glad I've never had ramen. My parents made my family homecooked meals, and over a long period of time I learned the kind of disgusting stuff that goes into any food that you can leave in your pantry for four months and still eat. I'm sure I'd like it if I ever tried it, but it can't be very nutritious for you. That said, I've not often been in the sort of financial situation that demands low-cost food like that.
  4. I tend not to run adblock. If a site runs ads I find annoying, I just stay away from that site. On the plus side, it results in conversations like this. "Morning, sir. The full-page popup you requested is running, sir." "Excellent! How much has our click-through rate increased?" "Negative five-thousand percent." I don't see what's so intolerable about YouTube though. TV works the same way - only with MORE video ads. They serve you high-bandwidth content with very little effective way of monetizing it, AND they now pay the producers who reupload pirated copies of anime, and low-effort Lets Plays, for them. Even if they do everything badly, people still make use of them, and they've gotta make money somewhere, right?
  5. Honestly, I feel like chocolate or ice cream would feel a bit sickening after a bit too much of it. And if you're going to nail it with super-healthy magic for LIFE, you'll want to have a lot of it. Breakfast, lunch, dinner, appetizer... I think I'd say potato chips. Even given my skinny frame, I end up having a lot more of them than is good for me.
  6. To be fair, the methodology likely isn't restricted to just pretty girls. I'm sure more than once depressed people have posted on internet forums like these with "I'm worthless, my life is headed nowhere" hoping for people to state otherwise. (Obviously, they don't want to believe they're worthless, but could use outside encouragement) Yeah, I never noticed the growth of the term "selfie", but it can't be an entirely new thing. It's kind of just an obvious extension now that decent cameras cost like $4 to solder into a phone, and phones now have two.
  7. Katana

    Ask away!

    The remarks about guns are actually kind of surprising - some reports of life as a patrol officer tend to suggest that they rarely ever need to draw their firearm. I suppose it probably depends quite a lot on the city in question.
  8. It almost might be kind of interesting to make that change IF a large number of people in my proximity also were without internet. Then we might have people going outside and talking to their neighbors and stuff. Ah screw it, I even get books and video games from the internet. It's pretty hard to get away from.
  9. Doesn't this already kind of work in the comic book universes? I only have video game knowledge, but two huge examples...In Injustice: Gods Among Us, the superheroes stumble upon an alternate dimension where Superman is a totalitarian bad guy. In Batman: Arkham City, well...yeah, there is an important "spoiler moment" at the end of that game that would muck around with anything happening in comics. It's definitely possible to take existing themes, fantasy inventions, etc, and put a different world-spin on it out of interest. I don't think this shift necessarily needs to be destructive.
  10. For a lot of other positive stories, I found this site which I like to check up on from time to time. http://www.goodnewsnetwork.org/
  11. I feel kind of sorry for the people who had invested into the expanded universe, but one way or another, this is a hard lesson to take in, and it goes like this:... Q: How do you kill a vampire? Is it garlic, stakes, crosses, a complex procedure involving cutting off their head and burying it in a cemetery? A: The fact is, you can kill a vampire any way you like, because they don't exist. You can pretty much decide for yourself what parts of fiction you believe in and don't believe in. One way or another, Disney wasn't likely to mesh their newer stuff in with the expanded world, so nothing on its own has been lost. The same is true for MLP at times. Honestly? Some of my favorite stuff comes out of the fans, not from the show or comics. Definitely not canon.
  12. Team Fortress 2! All the unlockable / purchasable weapons are "side-grades" that often have major hidden disadvantages when compared to the primary weapons. Loadout is a bit more mindless than TF2, and is just as cartoony, but has a bit more intense gore. Alien Swarm is top-down, but very fun co-op, and features a levelling system. Also, if you want to completely avoid monetization/multiplayer: Cry of Fear is a Half-Life 1 mod (that no longer requires Half-Life 1!!) that you can install through Steam.
  13. Here's why. Also because...there's not really any reason for "elitism" among console players - some people just have a PC, rather than an Xbox or Playstation. It's their preference.
  14. I like how Titanfall has largely made it difficult to sit in one place and snipe. Team Fortress 2 also makes sniping enjoyable, but have quite a skill curve to it. You're super-vulnerable, but you're the only class with no long-distance falloff. The worst of snipers clog up a team and do absolutely nothing useful. Then, the rare best of snipers simply walk all over the whole server. That second case is EXTREMELY rare though; and it's honestly more impressive than annoying when it does happen.
  15. I'm surprised Captain Martin Walker, the protagonist from Spec Ops: The Line, hasn't been posted. I'll spoil bits of it, but try to keep it vague enough that you'd still have incentive to play it.