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  1. Merry Birthiversary! 

  2. I wold get the Fireman shield with the number 29 in the middle. It wold be in honor of my father who was a forest firefighter and a volunteer firefighter after we moved. 29 was his Fire number. He past away of Leukemia in 2014.
  3. well I hope this is ok. have fun making it and cant wate to see it when it is done.
  4. This is amazing, fantastic work. just remember even if you don't think people will like it, make it anyways because chances are there are people out there who will love it.
  5. I do it for the same resin you do it. To me making costumes keeps me from doing stupid stuff like drinking and partying. I love making them and I love the reaction I get from it. Im also an introverted person and it does help me to get out more. And yes I would say it is a form of artistic expression, because in a why you are sculpting something out of foam, fabric, fiberglass, extra, into something different. P.S. sorry for spelling errors.
  6. Go ahead and do it. The best thing about cosplay/costuming is that no one will care how bad it is because they know you tried. especially if they know you are new to it. trust me everyone's first costume is terrible. if someone says "it is bad" than most likely they don't know how hard it is to make a costume. The dress you want to make is great for a beginner because it is already a mess. Never say I can't do that when it comes to cosplay/costuming, if you fail the first time just try again. P.S. sorry for spelling errors.
  7. Hello Amazing cosplays everyone. I make one costume a year for comic con, and I have done that for the past two years. I usually don't act like the character I am dressed up as, but if there is a little kid I will because it is always fun seeing their faces light up with joy. This year I am making a full scale Reinhardt from Overwatch, and I am going to pretend to be him the entire time. P.S sorry for any spelling errors. first costume (Halo 4 Spartan) second costume (Fallout 3 T-45 d Power armor) going to be third costume (Overwatch Reinhardt)
  8. Hello Everybody I am Sorry I have not been active on this I had to deal with a loss of a friend, But I plan to take better care of this and will help with whatever you need.
  9. Hello so this is honestly the first time I have had interaction with an LDS Brony. I do not attend BYU but I am LDS so hi.
  10. I can probably help with sound design and any voice acting that is required.
  11. I have only found a couple of custom painted MLP Pc towers but there are none that I like.