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OOC MLPforums epic battles of history, brackets!


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This is very simple, choose a side, good or evil. Minimum of 24 ponies, 12 good ponies, and 12 evil ones.


So choose your side and link your character, it has to be a pony related creature!


Good ponies type in blue, Evil ones type in red!


Note, this is not related to March Madness brackets!


Tell me which side you want, only 12 good ponies and 12 evil ones!


Note, you can use canon characters.

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Ok, there needs to be a list to have some order!!!



Dark Ponys Good Ponys


Soarin the Dark Strafe






Forgetting someone? (hint: It's me)
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so what exactly are we going to do? xD I came here cause it sounded like epic rap battles of history


Its pretty simple, its a fight to the death!!!!, GOOD VS EVIL...to FINALLY SEE who will win over equestria, or any place we fight in for that matter


I'm Rainbow Dash, GOOD SIDE.


AWESOME ADDED TO GOOD DEVIN!!!!! Edited by Soarin the Dark
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