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Status Updates posted by Twilight Sparkle ✨

  1. Thanks for making a fun movie banner. :) 

    1. Kyoshi


      No problem sir. :)

    1. Jokuc


      Hey playdoh, I have another question.. Can I give my person age dependent gifts? Such as Swedish alcohol if the person I'm sending the gift to is of age? That should be alright, right?

    2. Twilight Sparkle ✨

      Twilight Sparkle ✨

      Not sure if question is serious or not. Assuming it is, I'll get AppleDash's attention to answer it - or you can email secret.santa@poniverse.net.

    3. Jokuc


      Haha, it's somewhat serious. Not that I'm going to do that, I'm just curious :P

  2. Happy Canada Day, everypony. /)

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    2. DwhitetheGamer


      Happy Canada day!


      And guess what else is today?

    3. Ecto Storm

      Ecto Storm

      Maple syrup.

    4. Pathfinder


      To you as well Feld-ster! <3

  3. Thank you for the banner. =D

    1. Flutterstep


      No problem. I'm glad you like it :D

  4. Hiya! Good to have you here, Spade Sisters. /)

    1. spadesisters


      oh thank you!!

  5. Thanks to everypony who sent me a birthday wish. It's been a ton of fun to be part of the pony community and play a small role in building it. /)

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    2. Sir Cal Stonehoof

      Sir Cal Stonehoof

      A happy belated birthday. Hope it was a great one.

    3. Sonic5421


      Sorry for this late birthday wish. My bad.

    4. Allen


      Happy late birthday, Feld0! :)

  6. Nice to see another fan of best robot. <3

    1. Zoraxe


      Likewise, fellow best robot fan!

  7. dat banner. It's beautiful. Pixel is best princess. =)

    1. Ecto Storm
    2. Bojo


      The great Galloping Guava has spoken!

    3. Jonny Music

      Jonny Music

      Happy Birthday! All the best! :D

  8. The very last server on our old infra (the biggest of all) felt the need to crash one last time. Sorry - we're almost done replacing it.

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    2. ProjectRKA


      Is what happens. :)

    3. Lavo


      Rename your self back to XJ-9, proclaim your battle against Cluster Prime, the last server.

    4. DerpyFIM4


      Yeah Feld0 renamed himself like 999999999999 times.

  9. Much of MLP Forums is now running from our fancy new servers. Uptime will only get better from here!

  10. Wanna build pony fan sites? I'm recruiting for Poniverse's dev team! http://poni.me/WxgOg

  11. boom

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    2. ~Rogue~


      What's up with all these test posts?

    3. Twilight Sparkle ✨

      Twilight Sparkle ✨

      I was troubleshooting an issue with status updates. Glad to say it was fixed!

    4. Lunar Echo
  12. boom

    1. Cloud Strife

      Cloud Strife

      what are you testing exactly Feld0 omg

    2. Tellurium


      I'm intrigued.

    3. Fhaolan


      Okay, I'm curious too. What's with all the status updates?

  13. Test status.

    1. Ponyguy4ever


      -test error code: -88-900-0 call your security agency for assistance-

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