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  1. Out of the mane six, only Rarity and Rainbow Dash don't suit my personality. In no particular order, 1.Fluttershy 2.Pinkie Pie 3.Applejack 4.Twilight Sparkle 1.Like Fluttershy, I don't do well around others, and am a bit of a doormat when people wrong me. I'm also pretty soft spoken at most times. 2.I love making people smile like Pinkie Pie, and frequently tell jokes and do silly things among my friends. 3.I do my best to tell the truth at all times. 4. I love to read, I'm good at organization, and I'm pretty intelligent (though I don't like to say that).
  2. I voted Fluttershy. She just doesn't seem that significant. In my opinion, she's only there to look cute. That being said, if this were a poll for least favorite pony, I'd probably voted Rarity or Rainbow Dash.
  3. Steven Blum, one of my favorite voice actors. I'd imagine he'd be the voice of a badass character.
  4. Her voice is gorgeous, as is her design, but I don't care much for her personality.
  5. Somebody sent this song in to be played on a Starcraft II stream. Many people were displeased.
  6. Cave Story 3D. I'm trying to beat it on hard, but I've died on the second room of the last area hundreds of times already. That game is so hard.
  7. Meh. She's not important enough to mention.
  8. The finale was magnificent. My only gripe is that it caused my respect for the mane six, excluding Twilight, to diminish. I was baffled by how they treated her suspicions. Surely they'd have some faith in her after all she's done by now.
  9. Evil magic is afoot. How pleasant.
  10. I always look forward to seeing an insightful post from Kyronea in a thread. Pencils has inspirational art. I wish I were as good as him. Feld0 is awesome for making these forums. I'm still pretty new here, so I don't know all that many people.
  11. Silver Spoon may be cruel, but I can't deny that I love her design.
  12. Though I found the video a bit funny, it was pretty insulting. I find most of their videos funny, but I unsubscribed after watching that one. Normally, something like that wouldn't be enough for me to shun all of a particular group's content, but I think I'll just stick to my principles.
  13. This is the first one that I made without looking at another picture for reference. Not very good, but at least not a total failure.
  14. Hurricane Fluttershy. It was the only one that made improved my opinion of a pony, rather than causing it to fall.
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