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  1. Where is your proof of the first? You can find mine quite easily in child depression/education/ future lifestyles, among many more, with research and studies done on the subject. For starters, Immoral Pleasure Seeking does not equal the seeking of pleasure in general is evil. It means pleasures such as prostitution or over drinking; plus furthermore meaning you pursue those actions more than your responsibilities. Seeking non-self corrupting pleasure isn't evil unless it involves you being terrible to other people. For example to get the last cookie on table you punch out the two people ahead of you. Also I am Catholic; and have Protestant friends. One would think someone who makes a huge deal about how gay rights is a matter of being a good person, such as yourself, would not immediately go after a Religion in the same way you yell at non-supporters of gay rights who do similar. A bit hypocritical.
  2. What of the children then, studies show that a stable home life helps their growth and development greatly. Instead your hope would degrade society to immoral pleasure seeking and the further ignoring of personal responsibility.
  3. I can see it now, Human Twilight going to college and having 4 of the Human Mane 5 swarm her because they think she's Twilight. Pinkie would know it wasn't her however. "You're back Twilight!" "Uhh, do I know you?"
  4. Actually you can.... if you hate the idea of gay marriage and/or have reasonable disagreement with it that doesn't make you instantaneously discriminatory. You aren't automatically discriminating against gays if you don't support their fight. That's just the common Liberal view on everything; equality can have different degrees of determination. Denying them the right to marry isn't the same as killing them and giving them no right to live. Doesn't the right to life > the right to love whoever? We can deny polygamous and bestiality's type of love, how is that any different? It's the same ridiculous argument that healthcare reform had, you either agree with us or you're trying to kill people. Not having health insurance will not literally deny you life. Additionally hospitals can't turn anyone away needing care thus making that argument void. People aren't entitled other's money. I have a responsibility to help the state and nation keep up its maintenance, support our military whom protect us, and pay civil servants a just wage. We have no responsibility to help those who do nothing for us, unless you want to bring in religion, then you do. But then why would religion be used here but not with marriage? Take this hypothetical idea, we get rid of all welfare aside from 5 weeks worth for unemployment. We increase the desperation for food stamps by lowering the bar on income, and tell everyone to defend their property. This would obviously in all purposes destroy at least 75% of all Lower Class individuals, but would in turn allow those who work to keep far more of their earnings thus rewarding those who actually do something while punishing those who don't. This is far to extreme for my tastes but the ideas brought about by the many "Entitled" people in America needs to be squashed. Helping those who help themselves or are unable to due to legitimate reasons is our duty as people and citizens; but where does it say we must support those unwilling to help themselves and have ridiculous excuses why they can't. Why should we have to pay for the idiotic, sex crazed, people who have 6 children while being on welfare the entire time. Those individuals should be stripped of their citizenship and forced to work the fields instead of the illegals. Then 9/10ths their money could be used to pay for their children's well being. Racism isn't always solely made from ignorance, but also can be generated through many other means. Had African Americans as a whole followed George Washington Carver's of working hard and proving their equivalence with Whites through education and a never say die attitude in the early 1900's, African Americans now would just be Americans because that racism would of undid itself over time with everyone but the most ignorant. Rather than constantly playing the race card, prove you are better or equal thus earning their respect. For example women whom in the 1970's went and got an education and thus later sent their own daughters and so on are now highly respected in most fields except to the extreme male-only crowd. So to sum up this rant, stop playing the hater card, the discrimination card, and the like. It makes you look weak and if it wins you anything it will cost you respect from your peers and only give your group another black eye.
  5. Fellow Sabres Fan!!!! I know I have had ponies in my dreams, but I can't really recall anything much about them except they were there. The only thing that sticks out recently was being at a Sabres game and seeing Rainbow Dash on the jumbotron doing a dance.
  6. I have to say, the musical feel to the episode really helped get me through knowing the ending. Though there are a few things I did notice though: 1. Elements of Harmony are very powerful 2. Celestia can enter the 4th Wall of sorts and watch episodes it appears. 3. The episode felt fast paced and a bit rushed by the thought we have another 2 episodes next season seems exciting. 4. The episode was played out like a Series Finale, they wrapped up all three seasons and ended it with a happy note where one assumes everything goes alright afterward. We may have kept the show going which possibly means they may continue making MLP FIM until its not profitable anymore to their image and pockets. Technically they could extend it with the CMC and/or Daring Do spinoff aswell. 5. Liquid Pride, sounds like something you buy on TV.
  7. Rainbow's Daddy! Cute Crystal Fillies. Great Gags All in all a fun episode to watch with very good animation. Did a forget to mention, Rainbow's Daddy!!!
  8. She'll probably be like Cadence, not overpowered and with immense longevity. But more of a powerful unicorn with wings. Maybe her spell not only effects the Mane 6 but one of the princesses get involved making Twilight an Alicorn.
  9. This is very facinating. Why is Cheerlie teaching fillies and colts about the speed of light and energy? Maybe the writers have figured out a way for us to visit their world but its hidden in the math clues in the show.
  10. Hetzer Tank Destroyer, Twilight Class This deadly tank destroyer was built by a Brony in the Wehrmacht in 1940 after watching the show.
  11. I concur. Additionally I would like to add that some horses actually eat meat, they can't digest it well, but they can eat it. So saying that these "ponies" can eat meat and digest it is no more of a change then making them sentient. I doubt they eat alot of pork or chicken but they probaby eat them at times. I seriously doubt they eat any beef though. As for fish and animal byproducts such as eggs or milk, I would guess that ponies eat them somewhat often. Fish moreso on the coast than that of the inlands.
  12. While I do feel it was a bit cliche and rushed the comedy and the ending made it worth it. I almost see Discord as becoming a Q like character in that he really isn't evil or good. The whole "most of the time" line made the whole episode work better solely because he didn't become a goodie-two shoes in a day. He just deems having a friend is worth not having endless chaos; though a little can be done still. The Celestia & Discord ship could technically still exist but only if Discord wasn't always, well what he is now. (dracquis or something like that) Fluttershy's stare isn't invincible but she definitely knows how to play mind games.
  13. Racist Barns, Filly AJ and Babs gave this episode a solid footing. Though it wasn't the best of the season, it was a quality episode to say the least. The comets as AJ's parents may make sense seeing as it would explain why they showed up both in the beginning and end. Babs is hilarious with her New Yorker slang in tandem with AB's southern twang. Babs is a member of the apple part of the family; where we're the oranges? Maybe Mr.Orange married Ms. Apple (Insert dish here) and she came but not her husband.
  14. Wow, I made a successful thread! To few stallions is honestly the most concrete reasoning I can see. Teenage pigness probably goes more into Clop stories. Like the first comment stated I would agree the multitude of homosexual relationships probably doesn't help depict bronies as not homosexual themselves. The pedo fic I remember off the top of my head is ones with Cheerlie & her students. To say their age is a mute point if their mature enough, I honestly doubt they would be going to a playground having school if they were adults. Plus they are considered fillys versus mares and stallions. I will pose two hypothetical questions now: If MLP:FIM were to gain multiple new stallions to work with, do you think it would even out the prevalence of Homo v.s. Hetero shippings in the fanbase? Why are there incest shipping stories as well? So we meet again I see.... It only bothers me in the sense of reading a story which is good suddenly deciding to ship characters with the thought that it is just a given.
  15. Why do many fanfics and shippings revolve around homosexual relations between the Mane 6? Can they not just be friends? I understand the reasoning of there being to few stallions to ship with the Mane 6 and that OCs are usually frowned upon. This reasoning allows me to get through stories to which relationships in them I disagree with personally. But then what is there to say about the few Gay ships out there? No other fanbase I follow has anywhere near the same amount of homosexual shippings in comparison to heterosexual shippings. Another matter all together I ask is why do Adult-Child sex stories exist? And people read them. Pedophilia is very much frowned upon by all walks of life, hell they are hated by prisoners, yet we still have them pop up from time to time. Why is that? Honestly I'm just curious, seeing as being a Brony can also mean creating awesome music and art + more.