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  1. I've been waiting on PathfinderCS' permission to offer art commissions on this forum all day.

  2. Hey Flutter, how about we step into somewhere a little private?
  3. Well I couldn't say for sure but I could tell you what Chrysalis is currently up to:
  4. Since we now know that changelings (sorta) reproduce asexually, that raised a good question to me. Do they have a gender? Or do they technically don't have a gender since they come from eggs and some like Chrysalis sexually identify themselves as either male or female?
  5. What would your favorite characters watch if they liked human movies? Specific titles, genres, and reasons are accepted. Examples: Twilight - Fantastic Beast/Doctor Strange Fluttershy - Disney movies Rarity - Chick flicks Pinkie Pie - Dank Memes
  6. List some ponies and say which game you'd think they'd like. Genres, specific titles, and reasons why are accepted. Twilight - Dos puzzle games Rainbow Dash - Doom, Serious Sam, Sonic the Hedgehog Pinkie Pie - Old Lucas Arts games Fluttershy - Nintendo games Applejack - Fallout New Vegas and Red Dead Redemptions Rarity - Grand Theft Auto 5/Saints Row (Because fashion)
  7. Oh my GOD this is SOOOOO cute. In fact I know a couple of artists, maybe I could see if they would like to help at all.
  8. Because ships like ChyssieShiny is bad enough, it doesn't need anything else thrown into the hideous mix.
  9. Even as a joke my NoTPs anger me sooooooooo much. I got very few of them but they just HAVE to be so popular among this forsaken fanbase. I don't care how well drawn it is, I HATE it!
  10. Now, I've seen many MANY OTP threads across the internet, but probably never any threads reguarding NOTPs. What's a NOTP you ask? Well OTP means "One True Pairing" and NOTP means the exact opposite of that? What's the shipping you like the least? If you just flat out find it intolerable that's perfectly fine. Go ahead and let it all out.
  11. Bored2death

    Mega Thread How are you feeling?

    Just whatever you do, DON'T join the riots.
  12. Bored2death

    Mega Thread How are you feeling?

    I'm gonna spill the beans, I'm feeling miserable. I'm poor, I got every mental illness in the book, I'm lonesome, I live too far away from anything interesting, and I keep making my boss mad as of late.
  13. Well you know, Fluttershy never even hinted that she had a younger brother until like Season 6...Then again, he's a douche bag so you couldn't blame her ^^
  14. Considering the infamous election America is suffering from this year, my brain hatched a pretty stupid idea for a thread. Who would you rather have as one to rule over you and all around you, Queen Chrysalis, or King Sombra? A changeling, or an Umbrum? A parasite, or a most likely possible nutcase?<--- (Sounds familiar, don't it?) Feel free to explain as to why you believe your choice is the best case scenario out of these two worse case scenarios. I see lots of people doing the same for Trump and Clinton, so go right ahead just for the heck of it right here.
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