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  1. I would cringe so hard and probably pretend I didn't see or hear that. My parents are chill and don't really care what I do as long as it doesn't hurt anyone, but if they liked MLP it would just be plain embarassing and out of their character. And it would probably make me leave the fandom (trust me, if you knew them you'd probably to the same)
  2. Probably LtMkilla (Michael from RoosterTeeth lmao) I know he doesnt do pone related things that often, but he's still funny as hell.
  3. Is this what ponies would look like IRL?
  4. Well it opened up a huge door for me to find new friends and is one of the few fandoms I'm actually part of. It really has lessons that alot of adults in the modern world can use, and is a great break from the raise-your-dongers blood-and-guts media that is everywhere these days. Also it's something to look forward to every Saturday, and when the seasons over the next year! Really can help get you through school!
  5. WE put about 85% of our budget into Military related things. Equestria puts 0%. Also, they might have magic, but I really have never seen a pony get killed by any magic. Of course they might have the capacity to, but we have about a million different ways to kill stuff. We are also a much more violent species than they are, but the one thing that counters this is we've never seen how their magic stacks up to our technology, or if our technology would even work in that world. So alot of stuff to consider. Of course I don't know for sure but until someone makes a fanvid of how the end result may
  6. Well I didn't like Equestria Girls much, and I've read so many shitty Anon in Equestria stories that I guess it's just impossible for me to see that without either cringing or laughing hysterically. Practically sums up my opinion. It could be done well, but probably won't.
  7. Why Inspiration Manifestation? Just curious.
  8. EXACTLY! THANK YOUI mean it stands for Graphics Interchange Format so graphics is with a hard g so yes!! I have such a hard time explaining this to my friends who think its a brand of peanut butter like seriously shut up!
  9. Yeah I agree with you on that one. It was kinda shoving her main positive character element down the viewer's throat.
  10. Honestly, Season 4 was probably my favorite season so far. Sure it asn't perfect, but I felt that I jenjoyed most of th episodes. But anyways, I just wanted to see other people's opinions of their favorite and least favorite episodes and why. I'll start off. Favorites:(not in any order) 1. Twilight's Kingdom: It was a really good ending to a really good season and everything seemed perfectly paced and the end was satisfying. 2.Maud Pie: Everything about the episode was just awesome and it gave a realistic ending: That some people just aren't going to be your friend. 3. Simple Ways: I
  11. *GASP* Fallout Equestria!!! Excpet not really because it was humans that did it but STILL...
  12. EqG TV SHOW?!! THIS IS NEWS TO ME AND NOT GOOD NEWS! SEASON 4 IS ENDING AND NOW THIS SHIT HAPPENS??!! ALONG WITH A DELAYED SEASON 5 RELEASE DATE???!!!! I'm done with hasbro's fucking spaghetti levels going off the charts.
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