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  1. Okay, so if anyone's been paying attention to the news recently, you may have heard that Kilauea has been erupting again - thankfully, it seems that this eruption is, so far, nothing like what 2018 brought us. However, news of the Kilauea eruption did bring something to the forefront of my mind. I'd often had "shower thoughts" of utilizing the outputs of volcanoes for different things, but this was the first time I gave the idea some serious thought, and it revolves around mafic lava. There are three (technically four) types of lavas - first, your felsic lavas, the ones high in silica con
  2. The first pony in space... I can't wait to see it happen.
  3. Well, Equestria (from what I've seen) has at least the basics of rocketry downpat, including Tsiolkovsky's rocket equation. And considering the ponies can use magic to do quite a bit of stuff (temperature included), they could replace a lot of the technology humans used for their rockets with magitek.
  4. To Luna: humans have sent people to the moon before - not for any committed crime actually, but for (in some cases) science and (in the original case) international bragging rights. Would you be open to ponies setting hoof on the moon for science?
  5. Tornadopelt

    Ask the Legion of Doom

    To Chrysalis: In another time and place, do you think that your changelings, rugged creatures as they are, would be adept at exploring new worlds and reaching for the stars?
  6. I've put a total of 2,516 hours into Kerbal Space program...
  7. Tornadopelt

    Ask Thorax

    My main question is on the abilities of Changelings to transform. Is there any limit to what a Changeling could transform into? For instance, an F-15 Eagle, were they to see one?
  8. You can't go wrong with pepperoni, and what's even better is if the pizza has crust stuffed with cheese.
  9. Greetings. I am (insert race here.) I am the last graduate of an Earth-based space academy run by a Federation ripoff, and I had to flee from Earth as a giant tentacle monster tore it asunder. Now I've teamed up with a group of aliens and a retired leader of that same organization. The goal: Find some artifacts. Kill the bad guy. Save the universe.
  10. Well, here's an idea - program a contract into the mod that is, "Rescue Nightmare Moon from the Mun's/Moon's surface." If you want, you could expand it to say "Rescue Nightmare Moon and Dawn from the surface of the Moon/Mun."
  11. I'm gonna try and be an oneironaut. Seriously. You guys talking about LDs as got me hyped for it.
  12. Will tehre be another RP similar to this one? If not... then I can't do this RP.
  13. Would you be willing to allow me to trade Thunder Storm FOR Talon, though? And maybe do a separate RP for it?
  14. What you're looking at is pretty much me IRL. Thunder Storm is meant to represent a sort of "perfect me". The Human OC I made... displays all my physical traits. I basically made me as a character. I also edited the backstory a bit and fleshed it out more. For question one - that's my weight IRL. Question 2 - he graduated but is waiting for college due to potential housing issues. Question 3 - the IQ test was administered before he went to school, and his mom didn't really have much money. Question 4 - I didn't want to bring up bad memories, however, for the sake of the backstory, I
  15. Name (First and last): Talon Davis Age: 19 Gender: Male Height (Feet and inches): 6 feet Weight: 137 lbs Eye color: Dark Brown, almost black Hair color: Also nearly black Occupation: None yet - hopes to get into chemistry or meteorology, probably meteorology for a local news station Backstory (A little more about your character): Talon Davis was a bit of a... well, you might say a preemie. Born a couple weeks preterm, the doctors predicted a fairly low chance of survival for him. However, through luck, divine intervention, or sheer force of will, Talon beat the odds and went on to shoc
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