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  1. Personally, I think it's been a little boring, but every season has its ups and downs. Season four has had some of my favourite episodes in the entire series, but there have also been some episodes where I had to force myself to sit through and watch it. It's no better or worse to me, but I think that there's been an increase in quality in the animation.
  2. Wow, I have no clue. Maybe your hand would just go right through it. Very silky and smooth seems like the most plausible, though.
  3. PinkiePride

    Mega Thread Do you have any pets?

    Yep, a lot of pets! Three cats Corn snake Two leopard geckos Bearded dragon Three rats A whole bunch of fish
  4. People think MLP is 'for girls' because it's about cute, bright, pretty pastel coloured ponies. It's a very close-minded and stupid attitude, but that's unfortunately the way a lot of people tend to think. People don’t really get that the show isn’t just sparkles and rainbows every episode. It’s gone and progressed into something really incredible, and there are some really nice messages in the show plus actual plot and character development to it. Not just mindless ‘girly’ stuff. But, I've never really gotten any significant shit from my family or friends about liking the show and I def
  5. PinkiePride

    Rarity Fan Club

    Rarity is best marshmallow. And best pony
  6. All of these are excellent points and many of them didn't even occur to me. Definitely makes me reconsider, and it does reinforce how I said I think people are nitpicking and overlooking (which, like I also said, I am guilty of too). Let's just appreciate Pinkie for a sec.
  7. No. I think people are overreacting about it and nitpicking which I'm also guilty of myself, I admit. I don't think she's that different. But, still, I'm personally starting to feel that she's just not being appreciated as much by her friends, and being reduced to just her element as a character outside of her episodes. And yes, that's her personality to be hyper, optimistic and bubbly, but I miss those little bits of wisdom she used to have before.
  8. Not really though. Sorry to butt in, but that's pretty harsh and you can't clump everyone into a group together like that. There are indeed some people who aren't a part of the fandom and are just trolling around to shock people, but you have to remember that a lot of people who write gore or grimdark fics don't actually approve of it or try to justify what the characters are doing. Why do people like scary movies? Because they like that creepy, tense and on-edge feeling of being scared. I personally just like the psychological aspect that comes with well-written grimdark, which isn't the
  9. PinkiePride

    More Gender Options!

    That's not what transgender is. A transgendered person is usually, for example, someone who is born with the biological sex of a male but feels that they are a female and identifies as one (aka MTF, male-to-female, transwoman). And I don't mean to turn this into a debate, but no, there are not only three genders in the world. There is a very diverse community of genders and sexualities. I'm all for this though
  10. I was never really the biggest fan of RD as I just don't really like characters with her personality type and I failed to see why everyone was such a big fan of her, but I have to say that I've gone from downright hating her to really warming up to her because she's had the most character development out of the mane six IMO. Rainbow Falls and Wonderbolts Academy really sold it for me. Before I think a big problem I had with her was that I didn't really feel like she was representing loyalty very well because she could be such a jerk sometimes, but after hearing/seeing her choose her friends ov
  11. Do people really find Cupcakes to be that scary? I'll agree that it was disturbing, yes, but to me (maybe since I read a lot of creepypasta and grimdark fics) it was actually a very average fic. I fail to see why everyone still seems so freaked out about it. There's way worse out there (like Sweet Apple Massacre).
  12. I love Pinkie Pie's comic relief myself quite a bit, actually, and I too think she is a wonderful character. I think her optimism and cheeriness is a very positive influence on the rest of the mane six, but maybe it's that I feel like she's not being shown as a positive influence with her happiness (like in the Laughter Song) as much anymore and is just there for annoying the rest of them with gags, which is what a lot of people seem to be complaining about. It's not that I dislike Pinkie because I don't, she's my second favourite! But yeah, opinions opinions
  13. Yes, I agree, and that's also why I personally think it's why a lot of people aren't really sure what to make of her character. Or at least that was in my experience. At first, I absolutely hated Pinkie Pie. I thought she was really annoying when I first started watching because she was used as nothing more than shitty comic relief. Then when she started having really fantastic episodes, I saw there was way more to her as a character. Now she's definitely one of my top mane 6 ponies. Episodes like A Friend in Deed and Pinkie Pride were, in my opinion, absolutely fantastic and had reall
  14. I've been out as a lesbian for many years now
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