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  1. Today was ,yet again, blue.

  2. My body won't let me sleep, so to Hell with sleeping today.

  3. I've developed a theory. Compared to the work horses used for centuries, ponies were cute. As a person with a young sister, she's the cutest thing I can imagine, so bridging the gap is not hard. After one person makes the connection, someone finds a way to use it to make money, it gets popular, and before you know it, you've made your very own stereotype.
  4. Today was no better for me than yesterday.

  5. Today was a particularly depressing day for me.

  6. Is it really impossible to be both 'loco' and normal? He might be the biggst fan DBZ fan ever, and still be normal. This is clearly comedic, but not very funny.
  7. I think it's impossible to say for sure either way, because we can't leave reality in general.
  8. Great news, it seems that I'm clinically depressed, with medication, therapy, the whole nine yards.

    1. Thorn O Discord

      Thorn O Discord

      Update: My sleeping schedule is in the tank, and my appetite is out the window. I also lack the energy to leave my own bed right now.

  9. Well, if it's an old old computer, it could be on it's last legs, otherwise, you could have bigger problems. Lucky for you, there are several things to do before you have to take drastic measures. (Check it's power cable by the way, those can be lose sometimes) Firstly, download Maleware bytes, (, and run a quick scan. If it finds something like a virus, then it'll get it taken care of. Otherwise, I'd suggest a Full Scan, assuming it won't terminate partway through. (Full scans take a while). If nothing is found, and you still have problems, it's time for drastic measures. (Cue scary music) You can take everything you like off of the computer, and wipe the drive, restoring it to a factory like setting. (Do be gentle about doing it though, computers are people too). If all this is done, but it still reboots randomly, you've simply got a bad PC. It happens. Hope this helps!
  10. Questions: What gender do you identify as? I am male. When and how did you find out about MLP? Must have been...four or five years ago when it was Why do you like the show? - It's a nice break away from my life, expectations, stress. - It didn't always do this, but it make references to so many things like Blazing Saddles, Alcoholic recipes, Video Games, it's neat to .just rewatch it and look for them. -It's kinda cheesy to say it has a good message, but it does encourage being friendly to others and value the people near to your heart Do you think MLP is a high quality show? Why or why not? -I think on some level, it is. It was initially built for...well, little girls, (and their mothers, actually), but when guys picked it up, they had to do a 180 and please a more diverse crowd than anyone expected, which they've both failed and succeeded at, as to e expected. What about the show (how its written, characters. etc.) do you think makes it appealing to both children and adults? -I think that the clarity of the personalities, if one can get past the medium, somehow resonates with people. They see something in them that they wish they could just strive towards. -I personally enjoy the style of animation, the humor and the carefree attitude that revolves around the show, it's nice. Do you think the show provides valuable morals and if so why (give some examples from the show)? And what demographic do those morals apply to? -I can't personally say the show has taught me any lessons, but hanging around the fandom has been enlightening in unexpected ways. Though I do see a lot of females, mostly, telling people it has a good message, not really sure why. What do you think is MLP's target audience? - Initially, it was for little girls and their adult mothers, but the writers had to target both genders to some degree, with age being irrelevant. Which character do you most identify with and why? - I have similarities with a number of the charecters, but i prefer to not identify with any of them, they aren't real after all. Princess Twilight Sparkle: We share the same personality type, (ISTJ), and a joy for learning. Fluttershy: I have my issues with being social, and assertive at times. Applejack: I have country roots, and proud of it. Rarity: I'm quite the perfectionist at times. Why do you think the creators decided to make the majority of the main characters adults, and do you think this is a good thing for a children's show? -I have never considered what age the charecters were, but I don't think that it matters all the much to the audience in general. What is a "Brony" (In your opinion)? A fna of MLP that lies outside of what people would consider to be the correct audience. What is a stereotypical "Brony"? I've been...'informed' that we are all...'Basement lurking, fedora wearing neckbeard (fags) with pedophiliac and zoolfiliac (tendencies) that have been planted in us by Satan to sway us (from what men should really be)'. (That is a quote by the way, cleaned up for you) Would you identify as a "Brony"? Why or why not? (If "yes" then continue on to the numbered questions, if "no" skip the numbered questions) I will probably never dall my self a Brony, (I dislike labels), but I'm a pretty big fan of MLP. (In reality, I could probably play either side of the whole brony v.s. fan thing). It's helped me get through some stuff, and let me tell you: I have no clue why I'm drawn to it, I never expected to be, and I can't drop it for some reason. Questions for Bronies in specific What makes you a "Brony"? Enjoying the show, despite 'my demographic' When did you first identify as a "Brony"? After I learned I wasn't the only male fan, and it was okay to like the show. Why did you decide to join this particular cummunity? I have something in common with them, and it's a unique community. Why do you identify as a "Brony" as opposed to just a normal MLP fan? I've invested more energy into MLP than the norm fan, Has your experience in the community overall been positive or negative? It's been positive, mostly. Have you received any judgement, harassment, or ridicule for being a "Brony"? If so, what happened? Yes, I certainly have gotten my (un)fair share of flak, from close minded people around my school. Names, mostly. Nothing I like to dwell on. How does MLP relate to you on a personal level? I've used the idea of ponies for my own in the past. I am writing a book, and what appens to the main charecter, symbolizes what I go through, I try to search for ways out of my turmoil. Has the Brony community helped you in any way? Well, it's helped a bit with my loneliness, given me a place to connect with people and things of that sort, but nothing life changing. Has any part of the Brony community done anything you thought was wrong? Of course. Alicorn OC's, (*shudders*), Equastria Girls, (*Shudders even more*), random shippings, porn, bad fan fics, cosplay, (*shudders uncontrollably*), but not much I can do besides remaining aloof at times. Do you have ANY interesting or emotional stories you wish to share on the topic? Hmm...telling people you're a brony certainly can be a fun thing to just drop on people. (Then again, telling the people you love is never easy.) ​ I hope my answers offer a glimpse into our strange, strange little community, and I greatly appreciate the chance to investigate my own feeling on such matters. I hope the best for your documentary, feel free to share it with this site if your up to it. (I apologize for the dictation of the second set of questions, it go rather hard to control.) Thanks again!
  11. Reference is to DOTA 2 I belive....(M-m-m-m-monster KILL!), right? But back to your question. A fanfic like that would be....difficult to make work. You could try, you should try, but I can't say whether or not it'll work.
  12. I have ADhD, (notice it's a little h), and it's sort of like a super power I guess. I can focus to 100 things at once, 1 thing really frickin' well, but anything in between just loses me. To compensate staying focused, I am teaching myself to read people, so I can focus on several things while listening to a conversation, and function properly. I despise medication, so I forgo it entirely, electing to overcome this disorder on my own strength. With mixed results. An interesting side effect of my ADhD, I only need 5 or six hours of sleep, and only dream when I sleep more than that. It trashes my memory at times, but it gives me more hours of the day to work with, kinda bittersweet.
  13. Counselors can be friends, but not as good of friends as someone your own age, I find.
  14. I have Aquaphobia, the fear of water technicaly, but I can't stand swimming on any level. It has something to do with the fact that I could move every limb of my body, continue sinking and stop breathing altogether. Just awful to think about really.