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    MLP, video games (Bioshock Infinite, Long Dark, FNAF, Minecraft, Halo, etc.), reading, SCIENCE, and just hanging out!

    Avatar is from deviantart user kero444!

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  1. OMG I loce your profile picture!

  2. I am not saying that I love your avatar, but I love your avatar.

  3. biologypony

    Hallo Y'all

    Welcome! Happy to have you!
  4. I've been watching Jenna and Julien's podcasts about conspiracy theories, recently. It's wonderful! I definitely recommend that y'all check them out.
  5. Coffee, redbull, and beer drink wise. Never really at the same time. Food wise, I'll eat almost anything that's within arm's reach.
  6. I would at least vacation there for sure it sounds like a wonderful place to live, but I think it would be more valuable as a place to escape to from the real world.
  7. I'm sure it's been stated before, but I cannot reiterate how much I dislike achievements that are acquired by completing each chapter of a game. I find them redundant. The one at the end of a game are totally fine, but I really dislike getting ones at the end of each chapter or something.
  8. That is by far the best avatar I've seen. I don't remember you though.

  9. I am so glad that I got back on this site!

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    2. Monsoon


      That's random

    3. Classic Play

      Classic Play

      Lol, sorry, I saw the avatar up at the top of the main page, had to say something.

    4. Monsoon


      Haha no problem I think that avatar is good as well

  10. I think I'd love to live in FMA: Brotherhood. Post Ed saving everyone would be great. I'd totally love to be an alchemist.
  11. I was getting off the back of a motorcycle and my foot slipped. There's quite a nice bruise on my shin from wacking it into an exhaust pipe.
  12. Trying to make up my mind about what kind of icon I want to make :?

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    2. ConcorDisparate


      Okay :)


      I'll just link my dA, in case you'd choose the last option. It's basically show-style with shading. http://concordisparate.deviantart.com/gallery/

    3. biologypony


      Woah! Your artwork is awesome! :o

    4. ConcorDisparate


      Thanks, I try my best !

  13. There is a good chance that I wouldn't do very well without the internet. Where else would I waste all of my time going down weird, wiki-fueled rabbit holes?
  14. biologypony

    Rainbow Dash Fan Club

    Here's a picture of all the Dashie stuff I have! A Crystal Empire keychain (Hot Topic), a figurine from the Crystal Empire set (Target), t-shirt (Hot Topic), a beanie baby plushie (this was a gift so I'm not super sure where it's from), and a wallet (Hot Topic)! I'm currently rocking an R2D2 watch, but a Dashie watch would be so awesome! Where were you thinking of getting one from?
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