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  1. @Arid_Blitz @Fluttershy Friend @Alexshy @Tacodidra @Unicorncob @SolarFlare13 @Dynamo Pad @Blitz Boom @Moonlit @Snow le Canard @Soren Peregrine @CypherHoof @Lucid_Nightlight and anyone else I don't remember to mention but cares about my activity for any reason here at forums, I have a heads up for you.

    In the coming days (about the month or so) my activity may lessen for some days, either by me being less online, or me just not being on the mood to post anything, reasons being...
    1. I'm living a time of change at the moment, I'm gonna move to new city in the next month, so there's lot of going on relating to that, and I actively searching for a job/school and hobbies to get myself off the computer. (I also am trying to fix my sleeping schedule, so I tend to log off earlier than some of you may have gotten used to)

    2. I'm starting antidepressant-medication, which as those familiar with them knows, may have effects on my mood (especially RPs can be affected by this). 


    Now, it is possible that there won't be any noticeable differences to my usual activity, that will be seen, but I just wanted you all to know so if there ends up being a longer break in my activity, you will know why it is. 

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    2. Catpone Cerberus

      Catpone Cerberus



      *flufffy cathugs*


    3. Fluttershy Friend

      Fluttershy Friend

      @Catpone Cerberus OMF!

      You are the best when it comes to cat stuffs! I swear! :D

    4. Soren Peregrine

      Soren Peregrine

      Wow. I hope things go well for you. Do what you have to do in order to move forward.