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  1. You're welcome. By the way since a ponies flank is essentially fur it dose not become lighter the less time he spends in the sun in fact it's the exact opposite. The sun actually lightens hair using a pigment called Melanin. We have it in our hair and skin but it has different effects on both. Our skin becomes darkened when we spend time in the sun and our hair becomes brighter. So if your pony spent a lot of time underground spending very little time in the sun his flank would actually be darker. Sorry my science came out Again sorry
  2. Your character looks good and it definitely has a very unique cutie mark. The colors though don't seem to fit this character. IDK with ponies who do work with plants or any work that requires them to get a little dirty I just can't see them having a white colored coat or the Vinyl Scratch colored hair. Love the eyes though. I think you should try more earthy tones for the flank and making the hair a darker color. Keep the eyes though it will help draw attention to the face.
  3. Mostly just examples past work with dialogue and character interaction especially with siblings and enemies
  4. I need help writing the story for my Mlp Comic Midnight's story Can be found here: http://foxgirl95.deviantart.com/gallery/50854350/MLP As you can see I have not posted a new page in a while and that is due to the writing part of the comic I just don't think I can make my dialogue, whether it is a conversation between characters or the thoughts in a character's head, is very convincing or entertaining. Please help me out!!! If you are interested in helping out here are some requirements -Must be able to work through google docs -be good at character dialogue -be able to work well with others Please keep in mind that this is a story based on an original character and I will share all the details about the story and the character with whoever I choose. Also if you could please send me an example of your work that would be amazing Thank you all so much!!
  5. Those of you who gave me requests I am still doing them and You can watch my progress on them on my Facebook page! https://www.facebook.com/daFoxgirl95

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      Changeling Neon

      these are so good! I'm so excited!

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      Is my request in there? If so, I can't see it because I don't have Facebook =(

  6. Hey everypony I'm back!

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      Excellent! I'm well, thank you my friend.

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      Welcome back! =D *huggles*<3

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      @Stardust Balance That's good to here


      @TwilightAqua Thank you so much *Huggles*

  7. Hey so I've been away for awhile and I apologize but apparently while I was gone Trixie became an alicorn...We're doomed...

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      based on Transformers G1

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      Chip Circuit

      So long as you please the great and powerful trixie all will be fine :P

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      Well, at least she won't have to deal with those pesky wheels. She never has trusted them.

  8. Sure I don't see why not just make sure their not over powered