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  1. Hey everyone! I'm just wondering who all has seen the 2017 movie trailer and what your thoughts are on it.
  2. They could try to talk things out, but no one on Earth ever listens to anything. Or they could simply... "take control" of Earth so they are in a position to force their morals on everyone in hopes of fixing things, but that's not very friendly or peaceful. But if people were willing to listen to one another and try to work things out, they might be able to help somewhat.
  3. Which do you like more: doing things that don't make sense, or seeing everyone's responses to your actions? They're both so much fun!!!
  4. I met a guy named Sliske a while back. He mentioned something about Zaros. Then just disappeared. Do you know him?
  5. Aw, I like Discord! He's one of my favorite characters, but I can see that with him in the movie the plot would probably fall apart.
  6. Yikes, I never thought about this possibly being the end, but...I hope it doesn't end any time soon!
  7. This would be awesome! I've been hoping for a mlp game for years! Especially if it was something like a mmorpg. So far, the only one I've found is "Legends of Equestria". It's awesome, but still in development, so the servers are only up every few months. It says on the website that they'll start to fully open it in December. I can't wait!
  8. Pegasus. Because pegasi are awesome and can fly. Or maybe a changeling, because then I could be whatever I wanted to be whenever I wanted!
  9. Heya lighteningstrike, and welcome! :D Hope you have a lovely time~ ^^

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      Thanks, I think I will (nice link)!

  10. Welcome to MLP Forums lighteningstrike. I hope you have a great time here /)

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      Thanks, I probably will!