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  1. Quickskit

    Brony survival guide episode one

    No problem, so if you're new do you have any questions?
  2. Episode one of brony survival guide is up, if you are interested in joining or asking questions/being a guest contact me. VIDEO:
  3. Quickskit

    Looking for a band

    Update: I haven't checked this post in a while so if your interested pm me a audition.
  4. Try adding inbetweens and breakdowns to your animation.
  5. Quickskit

    Reaction Collab Anyone?

    Could i have a friend record with me? Shes a brony.
  6. Quickskit

    Call me smashie.

    Welcome to the form friend!
  7. Quickskit

    Hello Everypony I'm PrincessFireBlaze

    Welcome to the fourm, I like the art in your post btw who made it?
  8. Quickskit

    Hi, I guess

    welcome to the fourm. I hope you have an amazing time
  9. I was thinking of starting a podcast called brony survival guide. Anyone is welcome to be in it (Max 10 people) and if you want you can use drop box to send me a audition. Brony survival guide will be a discussion and guide for beginning bronies. Feel free to PM me if you want in. Hello i have had two people pm me, im looking for a couple more people if interested please ask about project.
  10. Quickskit

    Reaction Collab Anyone?

    Again love to do this with you mate.
  11. Quickskit

    Reaction Collab Anyone?

    This is an awesome idea I would love to take part!
  12. Quickskit

    Comic Dub help.

    Is there room for another VA? I would love to help.
  13. i would love to voice a radio show!
  14. Quickskit

    [redacted] (deleted post)

    i could voice act a background character.
  15. Quickskit

    Looking for a band

    Jora ot would be great to have you aboard