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  1. Second hand, regardless of it being pony or not, tends to be a largely overlooked treasure trove. I'll admit I draw the line at second hand boxers though.
  2. *whistles* I actually didn't realize the larger plushies had skeletons already. It does explain alot though- the weight of various limbs and would cause some terrible sag. @Overlord0909 We considered the idea of rubbers and plastics, but they also succumb to fatigue. Theoretically, even faster than metal. However, the wooden joints tie into the other two insights. @Nervous_Stitch I do like the idea of ball-socket joints; I figured those are the easier to make, but you brought up a good point- the area around the joint would have to stretch each time it was bent, causing the material to sag (or even rip) over time. @Fhaolan I didn't think that such joints were already used in dolls and plushies. And such advanced (if not, complex) joint systems at that. It's a pity the stable structure of those joints make the end result not-so-cuddly. Thank you guys for your time and insights.
  3. @Blitz_Boom @Seamore_Sandwich So, assuming that I can make the audience, I might need to go nuts on some exposition. As it is, I'm almost done filling out the magical theory Wane's made regarding his marks. Should I spare some details here or do you think you guys can wing it?
  4. @Blitz Boom Wane shrugged- he wasn't exactly the kind of pony for paperwork. While his research certainly had its share, the constant shuffle of papers and writings are certainly something he'd rather do without. Regardless, he valued being able to look back in his work. While he did have the web of leads and relations, he had to still peruse his writings every so often, in case the idea went stale in his head. "I understand. Besides, my alchemic know-how is not something I use often. Most times, I tend to just use it for food and water on the road." Wane stretched his back, much like a large, winged cat. After a satisfying crackle of loosened vertabrae, he continued, "However, I am well-versed in the subject, so feel free to call on me if you ever need help." He glanced at the position of the moon in the sky; it was already 11'o clock. If the meeting was in the morning, he'd need time to gather up the highlights of his research. "So, when should I swing by the castle for the audience? I might need to rest up- fighting our diurnal schedule is a real pain at times."
  5. Recently, I didn't know what "teetotaler" meant. When I first came across it, I thought it mean I loved Tea. Technically, it was true and I held to it. I later found it was actually a word for people who abstain from alcohol. Once more, it was true. Things turned out better than expected.
  6. Mostly "what's a brony?", and "awesome!". However, many are not actually bronies, but know of us and tend to be either clueless as to what we are or open to it. I've gotten a few hecklers, but those were in cases that I didn't tell them I was, but observed my computer's screensaver. (Which is an image dump of Luna.)
  7. Joking aside, I'll admit I do lie, but only when it is needed (ie. misinforming enemies/competition)
  8. Oh, sorry. Curse my curiosity. Sometimes it forgets the *ahem* sensitive nature of some details.
  9. My OC has moods that depend on the phases of the moon, as well as matching glyphs on his forelegs. .... Well, I THINK no one else has done this.
  10. I'm no doctor, but what kind of stomach issues? Reflux?
  11. Hullo, plush artists, veteran and novice alike! For the record, I'm not a plushie maker, but I had an idea that was born from a friend's discussion in material engineering. We all know that plushies are soft, fluffy, fuzzy, and just plain hug-able. However, because of this, they only have a vague rigidness, making it harder for them to be displayed anywhere else but a shelf. Remember my friend in material engineering? Here's where that comes in. I had an idea: what if plushies had a kind of "skeleton"? Now, when I say this, I mean a skeleton in the loosest terms, being a frame that has give to allow for flexibility. Needless to say, the first idea I had was "laminated wire" for the material. However, most metals for wire then to succumb easily to material fatigue, thus making the plushie fall back to the original problem it had in the first place. As for the application of such a skeleton, this would make the legs pose-able, such as folding the legs to make a "ponyloaf" position, I was wondering- how practical, if at all, is making such a skeleton when it comes to making plushies? Thanks, -Wane
  12. Technically 2 quotes, but I find them complementary. "The Absolute is a dangerous thing to invoke." "Mind your words, for they may haunt you."
  13. Well, I'm not certain if it helps, but read more into the butterfly effect. At the very least, it helps take your mind off the cold.