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  1. 495417 @Gabosor I hope you've been fine in spite of that. Thanks!
  2. Happy birthday, my friend! :pinkie: May your day be an amazing one! :mlp_yeehaa:

  3. No, I'm not physically strong enough for something like that... And I wouldn't like being constantly yelled at.
  4. Definitely ignored. That's not nice either, but being hated is much worse – at least if people do that openly (and even if not, you can sometimes sense if people don't like you). And depending on how much they hated me, I imagine things could get quite bad.
  5. 495413 @Gabosor Hi, my friend! It's nice to see you here again.
  6. I just saw what is probably my favorite MLP plush of all time! :pinkie:



    Plush by Little-Broy-Peep

    A very nice surprise to see on the Equestria Daily front page. :D I'd love to get one like this someday. :coco:

    1. Twilight Luna

      Twilight Luna

      The manes in the regular plushes were a joke. It was just a flat piece of cloth sown onto the head. Again, cheaply made. 

      I agree, they really dropped the ball with mercy for the student six. I never saw anything in the store for them, only online. It probably didn’t help that the shelves were still packed with merch from the movie. :dry: Something tells me that Hasbro knew that they were ending the series soon. So they didn’t mass produce any new toys for season eight and nine. 

    2. Tacodidra


      That's one of the reasons why I don't like this fandom "meme". :unamused:



      Besides being a tired old joke (I heard that almost every time there was a new character or location), there aren't even toys of them to buy. :derp:

    3. Twilight Luna

      Twilight Luna

      That’s why I think that after the movie didn’t perform the way that they wanted, Hasbro cut back on the toy production of new characters. They didn’t even make and Kirin toys which everyone would have bought. 




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  7. I'm not sure if you've watched the MLP stop-motion shorts on YouTube... But the last couple immediately reminded me of you! ;)




    Claylestia is adorable! ^_^


    1. DivineBeauty1000


      @Tacodidra Chibi Celestia?! Awesome!

    2. Tacodidra


      I was surprised to see her, since most of the shorts have only featured the Mane 6. :sunbutt: Hopefully Luna will appear soon... and Coco too! :LunaMCM::coco:

  8. *noms cake* @Splashee Happy forumversary, my friend! Time sure flies, doesn't it?
  9. I like them all myself, not sure if I even consider them guilty pleasures. I doubt the first three would get anywhere near as much hate if they were by less-known bands. Another song by the Beatles that I think gets too much hate is "Maxwell's Silver Hammer" (I hope that's not the one you hate). It's also quite a fun song, with the contrast between the happy melody and the morbid lyrics being a large part of its appeal to me. Neither that nor Ob-La-Di is my favorite from them, but I enjoy them for what they are.
  10. I'm fine with what we got. They managed to make the different kinds of ponies and other creatures interesting in their own ways. If there's anything I'd have done differently, I'd have liked to see Earth ponies have something like the unicorns' magic and the pegasi being able to fly – their strength wasn't utilized as often... The two you mentioned were quite fascinating, though, so we could have got something interesting...
  11. 495301 I may not be as active as some others, but I'll occasionally visit this thread anyway.
  12. Thanks for the follow! :D

    1. Darksword66


      Oh no problem XD sorry i didn't respond to this immediately XD. I sometimes poof in and out cause of the magic of writing, and internet XD

    2. Tacodidra


      You're welcome! :squee: And it's alright – I hope you've had fun! :yay:

  13. Thanks for the follow! :D

  14. And just a few months later I heard of index funds. So I've started doing small investments (I'm planning to do it for years or even decades – hopefully I'll be able to invest more later on). I started at the absolute worst time (a couple of months before the coronavirus made the market crash), but I'm already almost 6% up anyway.
  15. Teleportation would do that even faster. And that would have been my answer even before I saw your post – it would make going from one place to another so easy, no need to hurry ever again!
  16. Yeah, I liked it as a kid – I have no idea why (probably I found the characters interesting). Though I always hated the parts where they showed the clips with the kids and then the whole thing was repeated again. Probably the worst show I've ever enjoyed (and I was six at the time, not even in the target audience)!
  17. Nope, I haven't had it (or at least I've had none of the symptoms). For some reason, even my pollen allergy symptoms (which don't really match those of the coronavirus) haven't been quite as bad as in some earlier years.