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Has anyone seen a male pink or purple pony?


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Just an idle thought but I can't recall ever seeing a male pony with a pink or purple coloureod coat. So I figured I'd ask does anyone recall ever seeing a male pony in the background of an episode with a pink or purple coloured coat. I use coat for the main character colouring here as in Pinkie Pie, Cadence and Diamond Tiara all have pink coats and Twilight and Starlight both have purple ones.

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3 minutes ago, Sherbert Music-Guard said:

Clover the clever is male and purple!

Is that a joke about Twilight dressing up as him because thinking about it that's the only time I can even recall a pony as "clover the clever" in the hearths warming eve storyline.

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Just now, cpl_dixon said:

I don't recall ever seeing a male in pink or purple, but I am sure that there has to be at least one.

That's why I'm asking I'm hoping someone else spotted on in the background I missed. I've seen males in red, orange, yellow, green, blue, white, grey and fairly close to black but not pink or purple (I'm not counting spike here because while he's purple he's not a pony). Plenty of pink females and several purple ones but no males that I can think of.

Just now, Sherbert Music-Guard said:

My mistake!
He's orange!
I've not seen a purple stallion from what I remember!

No problem.

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3 minutes ago, cpl_dixon said:

Would this constitute as pink? @Senko


It does for me thanks (Well unless he's been shaved as that is a very skin tone pink), which episode is he in? That just leaves Purple.

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Purple is fairly common:

Grannies gone Wild - One of the magician stallions is purple.

Viva Las Pegasis - Gladmane is a darker purple.

                               background stallion is purple

The Cutie Map (1 & 2) - background stallion is purple

Magical Mystery Cure - background stallion is purple.

And that's when I stopped looking through the list on the wiki.

Pink is rare:

On Your Marks: pop art pony is pink. Fan-name: Andy Warhoof

there's probably more, but again, I stopped looking. :)



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55 minutes ago, R.D.Dash said:

My coat is not pink its lightish red 

but on serious note, I don't think I ever saw a stallion with a pink coat

I actually saw one recently on Rara's back up ponies since I was still keeping an eye out for them (I am trying to note too many things on this rewatch). I call him Glam as Coloratura was singing Razzle Dazzle, Glitz and Glam at the time.


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