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  1. Hello, I'm experiencing this problem: When I try to attach a file (image) there are 2 options in "Insert other media". First: "Insert existing attachment" Second: "Insert image from URL". There is no option to select file from hard drive. What should I do? Please help
  2. Sunburst0x00

    Technical Issues How to post in Life Advice.

    I cannot post to Life Advice. There is no 'Start new topic' button. How to post there?
  3. I think we should all become vegans because of CO2 released by animals and their suffering. However, this diet is challenging because it's easy to get malnourished. If we can grow meat in labs then the problems are solved and we can enjoy eating meat.
  4. I'm an atheist. Soon I'll be officialy signing out of church,
  5. I love eagles. They are strong, independent and they know no limits. They choose their own ways.
  6. Sunburst0x00

    Mega Thread The Banned Game

    Banned for talking about pizza. I'm on a freaking diet
  7. I'm a royal crystaller. And finally can meet Princess Celestia. Yay!
  8. 1. Princess Celestia. She is a wise and kind leader of Equestria 2. Sunburst. He is not officially a magician, but with his extensive knowledge he saved the day in Crystal Empire. He shows that it's ok to be nerd, which I am.
  9. In the beginning,Trixie was undeniably very selfish. But she helped save Equestria in season 6 finale. Just like she became friends with Starlight, I can be friend with her.
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