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  1. some characters from the book series warrior cats by erin hunter firestar scourge runningwind's face hehehehe crookedstar (it's a doodle...) cloudkit (this was the first drawing of a warriors character i ever made so don't hate me...)
  2. Oh no more stupid furry and other drawings spam plz make it stooooooooooop DDDD: i somehow have to put 100 characters here...
  3. I think that must have been some candy I bought last week and a can of angry birds soda that I bought yesterday hehe xD But otherwise I think it must have been new a new headset ^^
  4. I am kinda mean to people that are cocky to me, I can get mad and lose my mind and then I can't do anything about it, when I've been evil and I've done something I am not sorry, I am a mean person on the internet, I do not like being a brony.
  5. I have the most cheeziest skype name ever... No i do not like it that much really pegasisteer but i'm a shy person so hehehe *hides in corner*
  6. Im a dogg dunt disturb meh

  7. I have couple of 'em O3O ''I'm pissed 'cus you came around, why don't you just go home?'' ''I've been waiting to smile, hey! Been holding it in for a while, hey!'' ''You were made to make it hurt'' ''Oh, the river, oh, the river, it's running free, And I'll join in the joy it brings to me But I know it'll have to drown me, Before I can breathe easy'' ''Your heart is the only place that I call home''
  8. I never wanted to become or be a princess when I was a kid. Instead of playing princesses riding unicorns with the girls on the breaks I was playing war with the guys (we didn't actually hurt eachother, we were mainly shooting invisible bullets against invisible people). And when I first watched MLP I didn't actually like the whole thingy with the princesses, and I still don't. I'm not hating, but princesses isn't my thing. But what I like about the MLP FiM princesses is that Luna is a dark coloured princess and the princess of the night but yet not an evil character.
  9. Do you have any fears? Come on. You don't have to hide your secrets from me.
  10. What's your favourite activity as a pony?
  11. Because why not.. Anyway, my deviantart is ThePopping ( and my youtube is PinkieSwag (i have animations and speedpaints there
  12. Shining Armour Because his voice.. Just.. I would kill (or make sure she doesn't want Shining Armour anymore) Cadence just because hehe
  13. Just because sorry for wasting your time deviantart link: in case anypony has the time to check by and help me kill some haters
  14. Polar bear plushies Petting dogs on their cheeks because i like adorable thingies... OKAY I LOVE FLUFFY THINGS ASFDGFFSFD FLUFFFFFFFIIIIIIIEEEEE :DDDD
  15. : dATäpicPinKisWaeg facebook: secret ^3^ youtube: PinkieSwag : browoof : ThePopping i guess that's all of them, i might have missed some but these are those i am the most active on (sorted on how active i am on them)