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    Other than the obvious? Cadets and medieval forms of fighting (fencing and archery.) I also enjoy music of any form.
  1. Has anypony heard of, or does anypony own Terraria? I dont own minecraft, and its really pissing me off. Where do i get minecraft? Does anypony else have a terraria server?
  2. References? Not anymore. I fear (or don't, as it were) that everything I say or do can be related to MLP FiM. My friends have picked up on this too, so it's all looking good! Heh... Tolerating the crap out of people.
  3. Bored out of skull, as usual. Not much to do.

  4. Wait, youre allowed to pick more than one?!?! ...Shoot.
  5. In a land of magic, talking ponies, mythological creatures and Pinkie Pie? ... not the strangest thing around.
  6. wow. This is an old post. Id forgotten about it. I'll do that. Thanks.
  7. Gummy. He is just awesome! I mean- hes an allogator (?) What more do you want? Personally, I'd have a salamander... But go Gummy!
  8. Never saw any horses... :( weekend sucked.

  9. Yay! Horses for heroes event tomorrow! Should be great fun.

  10. Yay! Horses for heroes event tomorrow! Should be great fun.

  11. still flamers, i'm afraid. Not for the killing, thats what pipes and crowbars were invented for. Flamers are for crowds of zombies. Thanks for the video, looks great!
  12. Ummm... Ah! I like to go fishing on saturdays (though I have never caught anything) If I'm holding a lighter then there is a 7 foot radius where no one I know will stand I am a corporal in the air cadets I am a grade 3 fencer I own a malefic deck in yugioh I enjoy shooting and archery I want to learn to play the violin And I am proud to be a brony.