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  1. Is your avatar a reference to the Nirvana B-side 'I Hate Myself And Want To Die?'

  2. Psychology classes tend to teach huge generalisations, more than anything. Each individual is too unique to just place in cookie-cutter fashion.
  3. Considering how valuable a brand name like Twinkies is, not to mention most of Hostess' other products, I wouldn't be very surprised to see other companies buying the rights to them. But lol people don't think. There are currently boxes of Twinkies on sale on ebay for like 30 bucks. Ridiculous. There are plenty of alternate brands, or hell, you can probably make them yourself pretty easily. At the end of the day, you can't hurt the leaders of Hostess. If they go out of business, they can drown their sorrows at their mansions for a while before moving to another company for even more pay. The people who decided they would rather be on unemployment than work for someone who wants to lower their wages, while it is commendable that they stood up for their principles (harming the 80% of the company that did not agree with them in the process), they are now out on the street in a terrible job market where their odds of finding something better are slim to none.
  4. Welp after a nice little misinterpretation I'm turned off to the forums. Time to join that haj. Laters.

  5. You will not be missed and your funeral will be generic and make everyone you loved cry.
  6. Everyone's on a haj outta the forums it looks like. OMG TOO MUCH DRAMA ON THE INTERNET NOOOO

    1. Marshmallow


      Sweet sweet drama

  7. I suppose I don't really care much about this one, because if someone slanders me in their post I simply ignore it (HMM MAYBE AN EXAMPLE OF WHAT TO DO). If this warning system gets to a ridiculous point, then I give up on you guys lol.
  8. All the things considered "immoral" for our kids to see and know about is what makes a game mature. Though I don't think it makes much of a difference. One day that child will grow up knowing what killing and curse words are anyways.
  9. THINK AGAIN http://mlpforums.com/statuses/id/74352/ Sorry, there was no way I could possibly resist doing this. Haha. But yeah mini Facebook.
  10. I'm feeling okay. :)

  11. It's rather simple. People desire attention, so they take something that should not such a big deal and blow it out of proportion to make it seem like a really big deal to be crushed about. Then everyone comforts them, temporarily quenching a thirst for attention that is insatiable. Basically it's because it's like mini Facebook.