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    I love writing; if I can, it would be a dream come true to have a novel published. Other than writing, I dabble in a few other arts as well, like music and drawing. I also enjoy video games from any era and doubly enjoy watching Game Grumps.
  1. If you know of any funny, insightful, cool, etc. examples of captioned still shots of MLP: FiM, feel free to post them here! I like seeing how people interpret still shots, and would like to have a thread for people to post and share them. I have two of my own below, to get things started. Have fun!
  2. This looks like My Little Pony as a Victorian era novel illustration. Great work!
  3. Pinkie Pie: Don't you worry your pretty little head about mean old Gilda! Your auntie Pinkie Pie has it all taken care of! Fluttershy: I'm a year older than you.
  4. Nice color scheme! I especially like the sparkly pink hair. The cutie mark is very interesting. What does it mean to your character?
  5. This is the fifth in my series of poems based on the main 6. I already have Fluttershy, Rainbow Dash, Pinkie Pie, and Rarity done if you want to go check those out. This poem can be sung to the tune of Johnny Lee and Lane Brody's "Yellow Rose of Texas". This song just felt like an Applejack song, to me. I'll include a link below the poem. Fun fact: you can also sing every Emily Dickinson poem to the tune of this song, as well. I hope you enjoy it! AppleJack (Big Mac) There’s an apple in Equestria The finest mare I know; My honest, working sister Can tackle any chore.
  6. You'll be forced to wear socks with sandals.
  7. BookWorm

    Because I was sad

    I'm sorry to hear about your great grandma. It's good to see you're using art to cope, though. That picture is very good. Also, here's some music I hope will help you in some way:
  8. Thought I'd throw in my two cents. These songs, and a few by the Glitch Mob, are my current favorite electronic songs:
  9. This is really calming. It reminds me of a series of fascinating albums done by Dr. Jeffrey Thompson with ambient music designed to stimulate the brain in different ways. Dr. Jeffrey Thompson maps brainwaves of patients in various states of mind and converts the maps into inaudible pulses of sound. The theory is that, when embedded into ambient tracks, the brain will pick up on the pulses and mimic them. He has albums for everything from delta wave sleep to meditation. The ambient style of those tracks sounds a lot like what you did, so it's probably worth a look (if not for the theory, t
  10. BookWorm

    Applejack's Lullaby

    Tried I, it me and changed. Thank you! I've been writing music for a couple years now, but you're the first person to play something I wrote. That's a really cool feeling, and I'm glad you shared that detail.
  11. BookWorm

    Applejack's Lullaby

    Thank you! I'm glad y'all liked it. P.S: I never thought I'd be happy to hear my music is putting people to sleep. It's like being happy your Freddy Krueger costume makes you look exactly like the real thing. You feel good because you know your hard work paid off, but there's still a nagging feeling that that the only thing separating you from the opposite reaction is context.
  12. BookWorm

    Gaming Favorite NES game?

    I love Ninja Gaiden and Castlevania. The similarities in game play and difficulty between the two are uncanny, actually. Whether this is because their game mechanics were a standard thing when they came out or some other reason, it's the main reason I like them. Ninja Gaiden is a tougher game, in my opinion, but it's a great feeling to beat a level on either of them.
  13. The first time I noticed Applejack didn't have her hat on was like seeing someone who wears glasses forget to put them on. There's a hat that I wear all the time, actually, and people have told me my head looks bare without it. I'd say the same for Applejack, but I wouldn't say she looks naked. Incomplete is a more fitting word, I think. Nevertheless, she looks fine either way; I'm just more used to seeing her in a hat.
  14. BookWorm

    Mega Thread Why you chose your user name.

    One day my family decided to give code names to every family member. I can't remember why, and the names didn't stick long, but it still crosses my mind from time to time. My code name was easy to pick, since I've enjoyed reading from an early age. I haven't been called Book Worm by anyone in a long time, but it's a fitting code name. That's why it's my username, and also the name of my OC.
  15. I resisted the art style at first but, after seeing it a few more times, it's starting to grow on me. It's really cute, and the poses really fit the characters. Great work!
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