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  1. Merry Birthiversary! 

  2. I'M NOT CRYING Not at all! That's ridiculous!
  3. GOOD CELESTIA PINKIE PIE THAT GOT DARK And yeah come on you guys, books And okay the songs have good messages but they feel forced. Idk ya'll
  4. I need a Bulk Biceps back story
  5. Spike honestly concerns me, he has stalker-ish tendencies
  6. Awww our babies don't know what the frigglefruit they're doing <3 They should all move in together!
  7. I'm BACK. Season 5 has brought me here again :) I've been so busy with college asdfghjkl but I have my priorities straight now. Ponies. Ponies > GPA.

    1. thegoodhen


      Happy birthday tho.

  8. Personally I was fangirling over their awkward romance, and I would love to see their relationship progress further. That being said, Flash still needs a lot of character development- hopefully he's an undercover nerd and will read books with Twilight into the wee hours
  9. I love the remix- after three seasons of the same-old same-old, I liked the new vibe. The regular theme isn't the best anyway- I wonder if they'll change it for season 4? Probably not, but a mare can dream
  10. Perhaps they age differently in the human universe? I noticed the age thing too, I would've expected Big Mac to be in college, but it's whatevs. It IS an AU, it's going to be, well... alternate.
  11. Senior year kinda happened and applying for colleges and I've just been stuffed up the bum with work but HAY here i am! Hopefully I won't be going on another hiatus from the web

  12. I'm back!!! It's been... i don't know how long ;_; I've missed my brony family!

  13. FlareChaser0096

    Movies/TV Once Upon A Time

    Hey ya'll! After a lengthy hiatus, I return!!! (crickets.... yeah it's okay I've been gone for awhile ) My OTP is Captain Swan. It's so unhealthy. I'm currently writing two fanfics about them- one serious and one is a Skyrim crossover. Anyway, who has been watching it? I need my bb Hook back! But in the meantime I must rant about it because it has captured my life. Who else is obsessed? And what are your theories? *spoilers* I think that Henry will run away to Neverland, as he wants to be with his family forever. Hook and Emma will go after him, hopefully fall in love, and
  14. My German teacher is from New Zealand and has the most precious accent! xD When she gets mad she says "OH SHIVERS!", like the time when she stained the Promethean board. My freshmen algebra teacher is also the wrestling coach. One day, a kid fell asleep in class. Typical, right? Until said teacher PICKED UP HIS DESK WHILE THE KID WAS STILL IN IT!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Yeah. We were all terrified. XD My english teacher last year hid behind her door dressed in a ski mask on Halloween and jumped out at the kids who walked in late. :3
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