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Pony magic placement Headcanon/Theory


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I'm not too sure if this is considered a headcanon or a theory. 


You may or may not know about magic placement. I don't know if that's canon or headcanon, but unicorns have magic on their head, pegasi have magic on their back, and earth ponies have magic on their hind legs. 


This is my headcanon or theory:


sometimes, magic can be split or misplaced. 


An example of split magic would be a unicorn who has magic on their head and hind legs. Said unicorn would show earth pony characteristics. 


An example of misplaced magic would be a pegasus with magic on the hind legs and none on the back. Ponies like this may appear one species but are actually another.


Misplaced magic can be dangerous if a pony is supposed to be a unicorn or pegasus but does not have a horn or wings. For example, one pony may look like a regular earth pony, but they are actually unicorns without horns. The high concentration of their magic in one area without any way of expelling the magic can cause major problems, and ponies like that rarely live to make it to school. 


Mixed magic isn't as dangerous, but if a pony has part of their magic in an area that cannot be expelled, it can cause them problems. Ponies who have magic on their head without a horn may have headaches, and ponies with magic on their back without wings may have frequent back pains.


Those with earth pony magic who do not appear as earth ponies are also at risk, but they can live much longer and often live average lives if they develop the muscles in their back legs. 


A pony with a horn may never use magic, and a pony with wings may never fly. 


This probably makes absolutely no sense.

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So according to this theory, bulk Biceps is a pegesi with a ton of Earthpony magic?


I have had similar thoughts, as Alicorns essentially have all three and you can assend to that form.


I will say Earth ponies power comes from their whole body instead of funneled through wings and horns.

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