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Forums you have previously joined (besides MLP-related forums)?

Jon the VGNerd

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I used to go on a forum called “Animeboy”. It was the only forum I ever attended before here. My only “social media” back then was Twitter and Deviantart. I don’t really like putting myself in too many forums or any sort of social media.

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Ooooh far too many. Back in the 2000s I joined soooo many forums. I can't keep track of them all, and probably 75% of them are long gone now. =(

Truth be told, if you see someone on another forum with a woodwind themed icon or signature, you can assume it's probably me. xD (not 100% of the time, though, just to clarify) Unless it's some type of forum that's totally not me like a right wing forum or something. (although I'm technically a member of ChristianForums. I effectively left when I deconverted)

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