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Chevy or Ford


Chevy or Ford brand  

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  1. 1. Chevy or Ford, which one would you prefer?

    • Chevrolet
    • Ford

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If I had to choose between the two, I would go with Ford because of their Mustangs :sneer: No hate to Chevy (I love the Camaro and 'Vettes too), by the way.

But I personally like the Tesla Model S/3 (lmao) and the Dodge Charger SRT more than the Mustang or 'Vette.

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Based on my family's history with cars, neither. Especially not Fords. We had this Ford van when I was little, and it was a complete and total disaster. Japanese car brands have been good to us, we aren't looking back.

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Definitely Chevy. My first car was a ford and it had tons of expensive issues. My Chevy hasn’t had nearly as many issues as my ford did. Not only that the ford dealer was rude and sketchy af. Won’t be going back there.

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I don't know from what research I've done I concluded that maybe a 7.3 would be a good ford. Though Chevy with the new vette, somewhat difficult not to say Chevy neither of these brands do I know though. While I personally would prefer a Subaru or a Mitsubishi over these two brands, if there had to be one chosen I think Chevrolet takes the cake largely though because of the Corvette. 

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