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Forums Tab Not Being First in the Browse Menu


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For some time now the layout in the browse menu has changed.

There always was "Forums" first, but now it is preceded with "Donations" and "Banner Submissions".

It's nothing major, but believe me or not, out of aaaaaaaaaaall clickable objects, that lead to home page (such as even that large banner at the top), for some reason I have been always clicking literally that button, that was now moved to the right. As a result, I keep accidentally -- or more like "automatically" clicking the "Donations" link, whiiiiiiich is kiiiiiiiiinda inconvenient. :mlp_icwudt:

It's really funny to mention this, because despite many bigger buttons and some being right next to each other, I always click that exact little one. :mlp_icwudt:

I just simply got used to clicking the upper-left corner of the content area and now it is kind of risky, as the chance for misclicking has drastically raised.


Look at this trap right in the middle. Almost as exciting as minesweeper.




As I said, it's nothing major, I could get used to it after some time I suppose. Though on the other hoof, I'd say "Forums" is the very main tab and should be listed as first, unlike "Donations" and "Banner Submissions" that feel rather optional. :darling:





JK! JK! :love:

*cough* cough* Thanks. :ticking:

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6 minutes ago, PaulBron said:

I guess in my layout was always Donations, Banners submissions, and then forums.... OR I'M CRAZY? :BornAgainBrony:

It's been like this for a relatively longer time now; Around a month I believe?

...Heh now that you say that I'm kinda unsure myself now-- though I don't recall it always being there...(?) -- and I keep misclicking sometimes, which suggests me, that it wasn't always like this.

Well in any case that tab being the first one would simply work better in my opinion, as you're navigating that one most of the time, where the rest only occasionally.

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I removed the forums tab link. I made quite a few other adjustments over the last six months too. By the time March comes around there will be even more changes to navigation required by increased visibility of a few features. I wanted to introduce them slowly. The nubulous nature of “Browse” is going to be addressed. 

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