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Who's your favorite pony from every generation?


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In G1, my favorite ponies are Firefly and Applejack, in G3 my favorites are Sunny Daze and Minty, and in G4 I love Rainbow Dash, Applejack, and Sunset Shimmer. I'm not quite familar enough with G2 to pick any favorites. :twismile:

What about y'all? 

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From G1 I'll say Gusty. Or Galaxy. 

Tales, it might be Sweetheart. Or that uh. I remember her name. Starlight or Brightheart (I keep on getting their names mixed). And also Patch.

G3 (and I am referring to the original G3) will be Minty and Pinkie. 

G4 will be Applejack or Luna.

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