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Who’s Your Favorite Pony Mom?

Lucky Bolt

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Phyllis Cloverleaf is my favorite MLP mom in the franchise. She has a nice design with big golden curls for her mane, and I just think her interactions with her son are adorable. I can see a lot of problems in their relationship though, which makes her an interesting character for me.


In regards to Generation 4 however, my favorite pony mom is probably Princess Cadance. She's such a sweet and comforting character I've always liked, and I like that her youthful spirit remained even after having a child. Plus, in my opinion, she has pretty much the best singing voice in the show.

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Twilight Velvet is the one that really stood out to me. :ticking: I also like Pear Butter and Windy Whistles. The other three (or at least Rarity's and Fluttershy's moms) didn't really get a moment to shine, we should have seen them more...

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Windy Whistles, Twilight Velvet, Cadance, Pear Butter, Cupcake


Rainbow Dash 


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