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Lord Valtasar

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valtasar.png.bc21cd8aecbbe6b538943117e4157af4.pngNow that we are on the precipice of the show's ending
spikead.png.ca542180618e54dbfb19cad432073a2b.pngPreci.. ?
valtasar.png.bc21cd8aecbbe6b538943117e4157af4.pngThat the show is about to end.
we managed to get an interview with Lauren Faust on her original vision for FIM. it will happen a few days after s9 ends and will be shown live at                eqTV (there will be a link here don't worry you will not miss it)
and it doesn't end here, it will be followed by an AMA by both Lauren and her good friend Tara Strong(twilight sparkle).

please keep it respectable and if you have and Strong opinions Tara will be there to answer them, i can't stretch this enough, it is imperative that                we don't screw this up so it will be heavily policed
spikead.png.ca542180618e54dbfb19cad432073a2b.pngImpero.. impera...

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13 minutes ago, Will Guide said:

Nice callback to the first episode

when announcing Lauren Faust i felt like i had to go back to the roots



34 minutes ago, Deae Rising Shine~ said:

Or is that another April joke?

damn it, i should have waited a day before announcing this

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14 minutes ago, Sparklefan1234 said:


The Tree of Harmony didn't appear until Season 4. :nom:

no, but Discord had planted those seeds 1000 years before s1 e1, and they spawned lots of roots

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I’m really looking forward to this. Once the show is finished we can look back on it as a complete work rather than one that is unfolding. Lauren’s vision is also interesting on its own, and once the current run is finished there is no risk of interference, so they both can be compared and contrasted as their own things. 


...please let this be legit. 

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2 hours ago, Twilight Luna said:

She is my BFF. Right Trixie’s? :wau:

The Great and Powerful Trixie appreciates all her fans, so sure, just don't tell Starlight

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