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How Do Ponies Get Their Names?


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How did you find MLP Forums?

How you became a fan of My Little Pony

I got into MLP through a friend. Then I binge watched all eight seasons. The end.

Seriously, how are they named?

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Welcome to the community!

The easiest answer is destiny which I really don't like. Vague names allow more room to grow. Twilight Sparkle could mean a multitude of things, Applejack not so much. 

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Hi and welcome to the Mlpforums, we hope you like your stay!

As for the question, I really don't know. but the ponies' names are based on their hobby, personality, color, cutie mark, interest, and their job.

Job based name examples: Mayor Mare (Mayor), Sweetscream Scoops (Possibly working as a ice cream seller), Applejack (Apple farmer), and Photo Finish (Photographer)

Color based name examples: Blue Wings(Pegasus OC, coat is color blue), Lilac Links (coat is color Lilac), and Sunset Shimmer (coat and mane resembles the color of a sunset)

Interest based name examples: Rainbow Dash (Dash - Likes flying), and Taffy Hot (Unicorn OC, Taffy- Likes Taffy and other candies)

Personality based name examples: Ire Heaven (Pegasus OC, Ire - Her main personality is anger, Heaven - Means she still had a good side), and Fluttershy (Shy - is shy)

Hobby based name examples: Rainbow Dash (Um... Maybe because she likes to ‘dash’), And Octavia Melody (plays classical musics).

Cutie mark based examples: Twilight Sparkle

There are other names that are seemingly random (Those which are not based)


Note: this is all my opinions

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