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Steven Magnet. How did he get the name?


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Was lurking on the internet after rewatching the opening episodes of season 1 and noticed that the sea serpent was dubbed "Steven Magnet". Seems like an unrelated name, but alot of fans have gone along with it. How did he get the name and what cannon name do you think the show would have given him? Posted Image Edited by 83awsm
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Mmmhmm, Captions.



As far as canon names are concerned...I'm sure the animators called him something. Just as Derpy really didn't have a name, but it has been confirmed to be a name used by the animators.

So I'm sure if they ever make him again, they'd feel just fine calling him the fan name. He kinda does look like a Steve.


Although, if he does get a real name... I'd probably go with Indigo... or something slightly more sexually-questionable. Justin Beiber?

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Google has an optional feature built into the Youtube player called Caption Transcribe, which scans the audio in real-time and generates subtitles based upon what it "thinks" it's hearing as words.


It understood "Your fabulous manicure," as "steven magnets" and a meme was born.


The caption feature is quite unreliable if the audio contains sound effects, background noise, music, or a speaker who does not speak clearly and enunciate every syllable.

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Well the question has been answered, so I'll leave this here, Because Rarity said he looks smashing


Hahaha! That's awesome, though the pockets in his skin are somewhat disturbing.

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"Chaotic, you have to get up at one tomorrow for your volunteer thing. Why the buck are you up at five AM? And in these super old threads?"

"Simple, Dashie plushie. Posting Ponies > Everything else. And because chicks love dug up threads."

"...That doesn't even make sense-"

"More being cute, less criticizing my irrational choices."


To be honest I'm quite glad I stumbled upon this. I had zero clue why he was called Steven Magnet, either. I had assumed he was named after some celebrity he looked or acted like...but now I know, and knowing is half the battle. Sure seems like that hilarious Youtube Transcribe is the cause for a lot of jokes, I'm noticing.

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