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How Would Gendy Tartakovsky Have Handled MLP?


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You all know Gendy Tartakovsky. The guy behind Dexter's Lab, Samurai Jack, Primal and Star Wars: The Clone Wars mini-series. 

What if back in 2009, Hasbro had hired him to take Lauren's show bible and designs for the characters and put his own spin on MLP. And not only that, Hasbro would greenlight him pushing the envelope to the TV-Y7-FV icon.svg rating. 

How would a Gendy influenced MLP have turned out? Would it be as beloved as it is today? More so or less so? Would it have been picked up by networks beyond the Hub? Would the themes of friendship been central or would Gendy have tried to aim towards different themes and morals? And how long would this version of G4 have lasted? 


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So still a children's show but exhibiting more fantasy violence.

I think we'd see darker elements, perhaps the main six have to look more in on themselves and more openly/aggressively combat their inner demons. We'd get scenes where it felt like more was on the line or that actions could lead to serious consequences. We've seen Rainbow Dash humbled here and there, like when she broke a wing and took up reading to fight the boredom of a hospital bed. But imagine if her gift of fast flight were taken for granted and she found herself truly in peril due to being ground bound. I think there's room to take a deeper dive into these beloved characters, and I think the show would have found plenty of love still and become a cartoon favorite, but that it may not have grown quite so popular and definitely wouldn't have lasted as long. It'd become a strange yet amusing footnote in animation history, rather than be the foundation of such a major fandom and a defining part of an era.

If something like this were to come about now or in the near future however, I think it would see major success.

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We still needed someone that could draw cute ponies. And I think Lauren Faust was the only one who could do it, at that time. As soon as she got removed, we got the designs of Equestria Girls and MLP The Movie, which are not as stylish, timeless and unique.
But story wise, I think anyone like Gendy Tartakovsky would have been great to push the boundaries of this children's cartoon!

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