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[OFFICIAL] Overall thoughts on Pony Life


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Pony Life was a real curiosity and I'm really glad it exists. I'm one of the few people that really liked it. I'm going to be giving it another watch all the way through when I have some time to spare and I'm wondering if my attitude towards the show changes when I've seen it again. Right now there are so many TV shows that I'm either watching or going to be watching soon, so it might be a while before I get round to it.

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I haven't watched it in full yet, but as far as I've seen it I really liked it, it's nothing incredible or impactful but I understood the show's proposal

think this series used the 5-minute format better than Tell Your Tale, I don't know if that has to do with the fact that Pony Life is sillier, but I actually think this series knows very well what it's doing, they try to teach friendship lessons and some scenes and situations are serious, but overall I feel like the series knows it's not meant to be taken too seriously and that it's just a light-hearted spin-off that doesn't have much of a goal other than just being a fun "extra", so for me it works, unlike TyT, which as much as I like it, I think it often has problems with the 5 minute format, it was supposed to be a spin-off but at the same time it isn't and tries to be much bigger than it can actually handle, and now it is treated as a main production, something that at first it was not intended to be.

I don't know, Pony Life is theoretically sillier but I feel that it's somehow more mature than TyT, don't know how to explain it, but stuff like the slapstick humor, it's silly but not "dumb" like TyT oftenly does, it tries to be crazy sometimes but it's not chaotic like some TyT episodes, I found this series actually calm, I remember how several episodes of TyT were difficulty for my brain to process due to how fast the scenes and the humor were, here I don't feel that (I felt it at most in the first episode, but it was a new series, so the expectations were different), it was also difficult for me to have to go through all the episodes of TyT, when I watched it for the first time, more than 50 episodes had already been released, so I had to marathon everything and I found it quite exhausting, Pony Life I feel like I could marathon the entire series without any problems due to how simple and relaxed it is. I would actually dare to say that Pony Life is as if FiM was just totally carefree, like what if FiM was just a simple comedy series, with shorter episodes and without a lore behind it or with the aim of telling a bigger story etc. I keep making comparisons with TyT because I much prefer the 22-minute format to the 5-minute format, I'm not a fan of the short format and that for me really hinders TyT from telling its stories, while Pony life has succeeded with this duration. 

It is what I have to say about this show, maybe my opinion will change after watching all episodes, but this is pretty much the kind of comedy/slice of life show that I would like to make, as FiM is the kind of adventure show that I would like to make.

I would honestly prefer this series to continue and for G5 to be made with Make Your Mark only, plus the art style looks more appealing for me along with the toys (even though they don't have much to do with each other, and the latter gives some duck-ish vibes :please:)

Also, I'm the only one who has the opening theme stuck in the head more than the MLP recurring theme :ButtercupLaugh:?

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Looking back at it, it was, a thing. Wasn't necessarily good, but was far from horrible. Just a little something to hold us over for G5.

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