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COVID vaccines you can't trust


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Don't know if this is appropriate here.

Where I am now, Astrazeneca is readily available, and we're due to get it.

Sinovac is a HELL F*CKING NO. For one thing, its efficacy rate is inconsistent with each trial in different countries. That and my other reasons why I am never trusting it.



You know what, can an admin just lock this? 

I'm a moron for even making this.


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I was all for vaccines until I learned that it is an mrna and I simply trust my own immune system. This coming from someone in the high risk group, I however don't trust any of the vaccines mainly as they aren't like the vaccines we know. Of course there is the fact that they refuse to take any responsibility for any potential side effects that may stem from it. Let me put it to you this way would you rather buy a car with a ten year guarantee or a car that has no guarantee. Their product is not exactly showcasing that they the manufacturer have much faith in it themselves. 

That said as someone high risk I prefer just keeping myself safe from covid until it is over. 


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Locked due to request from OP.


Also, it would have been locked anyways for being controversial. In these times when it is important for everyone to work together to reduce the spread of COVID-19, It is recommended to follow your local governments rules.

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