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Debate Pit Update


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Debate Pit has a launch date - 7/15/2022

I bring this up because I need everyone to listen to me VERY carefully. In the past some of you have accused staff of being biased to one ideology or another. That’s almost certainly a perception issue. If you believe that, it’s a you thing. 

Here’s the shocker. We have also been called heavy handed. If you think we’ve been quick to enforce rules before … 



If you intend on entering Debate Pit to be passive aggressive, you won’t be in there long. If you get up in arms because someone takes an opposing view on an issue, you won’t be in there long. If you like posting emotes to be sarcastic or snarky, you won’t be in there long. If you are very sensitive to some issues, I’d suggest you find another place to go. If you like using profanity and political buzzwords, up your game now … because I do not consider this community to be childish. 

The key here, is civility and cordiality to each other. Here are some of the elements to this approach. 

Emotes are banned (you know who you are). 

Profanity is banned. 

All new topics will be queued and approved by staff to ensure you are putting forth an effort. 

All posts will require a character limit. 

All topics will be sunset/locked when the debate has reach a circular moment where nothing new is being discussed. 

All video links posted will be scrutinized. If you post some fringe YouTuber discussing some asinine conspiracy theories, I’m likely to rip it out. 

Public figures are NOT the community. You are able to speak your mind on them freely provided you do not use profanity (or absurd hidden versions of it). 

The system will stop you from posting if you use certain words and profanity. If you circumvent the filter, you will be banned from the debate pit until we have unanimous Admin approval to allow you back in. 

You say something like Fuck Trump or Fuck Biden … tossed from the topic on strike one. Phrasing is important. If you lack the grasp of the English language to a point that you cannot diplomatically state that you support the ending of same-sex marriage rights without a direct grenade against those who are gay here, I don’t think you are ready to have an adult conversation. Perhaps you don’t possess the aptitude to engage in a debate here. Whatever your issue is, be it sociopathy, trollishness, or anxiety … this will not be the place for you. Good discussion has been hijacked too often by people who cannot or will not chill the fuck out. We are sick and tired of the most voluminous members taking control of the debate. 

Expect heavy moderation. Expect staff to participate. Oh! That’s a point I should make now. You see, staff includes a wide range of the ideological spectrum here, and are friends. Some are openly progressive, some are conservatives. Some are not Americans so do not subscribe to the US definitions of that. Some are a mix. Some are gay. Some are trans. Some are devout Christians. We disagree and we get along. I’m holding to one standard lower. Behave and hold your tongue. If you are going to judge someone political party or group … do it like a mature human does … silently. 

For some reason I was anointed a title my my friend @NavelColt … “Dadmin”. Well, if you guys cannot behave in the debate topics, I am not turning the care around like most Dads. I’ll stop the care, open your door, throw you on the cold unforgiving ground, and make you walk home … metaphorically of course. 

A long time ago there was a Moderator who managed Debate Pit. His nickname was “Killjoy”. I intend to emulate his approach because that was the only time there was some form of civility. 

Oh and let me get this out of the way. Some why scream, “Censorship! The staff is not respecting my free speech!” 

Here is my retort



Now. That doesn’t mean that if you run afoul of the standard of conduct that will be posted … I’m going to come at you with anger and vitriol. Nope. I’ll kindly say you violated the rules and this is the consequence. I’m going to move on. I’ve far too busy to make you feel bad about yourself. The tenor of this post aside, I’m actually a generous and kind person. I just ain’t got the time for nonsense and self-righteousness. And I practice what I preach. I shall only silently judge you. 

If you wish to engage in Debate … and you have 100 posts to earn the right … come and join us. Just don’t ignore the sign. 


I will post the itemized list of all the rules. Within the week. 

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Wrong year Jeric!
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Hey everypony! To give you a quick update on the proceedings, we are currently in the midst of final implementation and just trying to work out a few last quirks of the new features. We hope to have things up and running in the next day or two. Thank you very much for your patience! :BrightMacContent:

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I think it is working. If not create a Tech Solutions Topic. Remember you have to be a User and 100 posts to enter 


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