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The Legion of Doom Does Not Deserve Redemption (MV Video Essay)

Misty Shadow

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So yeah, I've never been a fan of the whole "The Evil 3 should be reformed!" thing...

...and to me, this is a brilliant explanation as to why them being reformed would not work. Oh yeah, and fun fact, Jim Miller wanted to imply that Cozy Glow was a murderer with the skull she was holding. :grin2:

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MV's editing is top tier as always. I personally was in the camp of they should be reformed / at least have the chance to be (especially in the finale after their powers were taken away and if they tried anything it would've been the 3 of them vs. literally everyone else) but he's changed my mind a bit. I still think turning them to stone was out of nowhere, instead of banishing them like Tirek was, it's not like they'd have an easy escape again as long as Tartarus is actually gaurded properly, but I didn't realise how many chances all 3 of them had through the series.


I think I'm on the fence. MV did a great job of explaining why all 3 won't change their ways but with the way the show does it's moral messages, I was expecting anything apart from eternal petrification.

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