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You've all heard of a text adventure game right? It's a game in which the player types in commands and a computer illustrates the story through words, depending on what the player does. And don't worry, you won't be eaten by any Grues.


You are in a dark, dense forest. As you look around, you see nothing but trees, and a small clearing to the east.

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(I know, but you can never expect me to take anything seriously :P )


Builds scanner out of twigs, a shiny rock, and a paperclip.

You pick up 1 lifeform nearby with your non-functional scanner.
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Slaps Harmonic on the back of the head, telling her to stop eating the trees and help me.

You slap yourself on the back of the head and stop. (You're all the same pony.)



Find a map

You don't see a map nearby.

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Attempt to receive psychiatric help for my multiple-personality disorder.

There are no ponies nearby.



Yells at the powers that be to stop making me eat trees and hit myself.

You begin yelling. It feels so... empowering.



Builds bunny suit out of twigs, a shiny rock, and a paperclip.

You now wear the... BUNNY SUIT OF CRAPPYNESS!

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