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What is you image of the future?


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What is your image of the future and it can be good things or bad things


My image of the Future:



More guns

Flying cars

Planes that you can buy just as if they were cars


Alien contact

modified baby's

No cancer

Cure for everything

You can get to other planets as if you was going to walk down the road

World war 3 would of happened

Alien wars (Like halo)

War Robots


Dark matter

Ships go faster then Light

More Elemental's

Mind reading

Dream reading

Bringing back the dead

Time Travel




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Huh. Your pretty damn positive about everything.
here is my version, which i think is pretty realistic.

Diseases with unimaginable scales of resistance to antidotes.

Commercial Spaceflight.
Cure for cancer
depending on electronic devices.
drone wars.
More wars. ( especially on water)
Overpopulation of the planet.


Interplanetary manned spaceflight.

Smart weaponsystem that have no human element as a failsafe.

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Hyperloop Monorails. 

Fully autonomous commercial air-travel

Commercial space travel

Orbital elevators

Lunar and Martian colonies

Cures for most diseases

Medical immortality

Absolute 0 Privacy

Robotic servitors

Fully automated industries

Nuclear Fusion

Warp drives and near-light speed/faster than light travel

Space stations

A Hotel on Jupiter


Me the supreme overlord of all beings. :lol:

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To be honest, I'm rather pessimistic about the future.


-Population will increase (there is already way too much for this planet to deal with)

-Ressources will run out eventually, alternatives have to be found

-People will be "created" for specific tasks, sounds not very ethnical, but I believe, it will happen

-Very far in the future, the human will destroy himself by destroying his surroundings, making it impossible for nature and therefore for humans to survive.

-People will not be admired because of their skill but their grades only, personality will be dismissed

-Money will be the main factor for almost everything


There are some positive things I'd like to add though


+For some time, humans can live a carefree life in luxury until day X

+Many medical treatments that can cure or prevent serious illnesses

+People will have more experience from the past

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My personal opinion of the future:

-Solved conflicts in the Middle East

- Asia will be the new world leader

- America's collapse

- Holographic images in high definition

- A cure for cancer

- Smarter robots that will work with us

- The evolution of humans would be a mixture of a person and a robot

- A weapon just as powerful as an atomic bomb without nuclear substances

And finally:

- The release of Half-life 3

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My image of the future is nothing but dark stuff. Beware all those who read this!

  • More corruption
  • War
  • Nuclear holocaust
  • Overpopulation
  • Humans become bigger scumbags than they already are
  • Human I.Q. drops even further
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Well...mine is a mix of positivity and negativity. 


  • No More Religion
  • War
  • People will either get dumber or smarter.
  • Possible Robots
  • Zero Gravity Boards... (Please...I want these so badly.)
  • Possible Alien Contact
  • More destruction
  • More people isolating themselves from others.
  • Higher suicide rates, higher counts of depression, and higher murder and death count.
  • Possible immortality...it's something I have always dreamed of.
  • People being built with robot parts and being fixed.

I guess some of those are possible...

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  • Increased human population.

Extinction of many animals.

More money economics for the good or bad.

New way to replace petroleum. 

Possible wars of different countries.

More revolutionary ideas.

A possible change in the performance and intelligence of the human race...

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I'm usually pessimistic about the future.. But you know what, I'll try being more optimistic


- Lower gas prices.

- Lower car and house insurance.

- Cars will be very fast in the future.

- People will choose between multiple fuels to power their cars.

- All houses and companies will be powered by a renewable energy.

- We'll have better control over our environment.

- Weapons will become a lot stronger.

- Growth in nuclear weapons.

- Probably more wars, then again maybe not but it's known for certain that we will most likely destroy ourselves but with a little bit of feeling optimistic that's not really certain who knows maybe we won't have more wars I still think we do. Especially because of water, so yeah more wars.

- People will have more personal freedom and the government will have less influence on people.

- The internet will be incredibly fast as well as all electronic devices.

- We'll have incredible video games and simulators.

- Humans will look better in the future, since food is getting healthier and stuff.

- We'll know a way to create stuff, like oil, timber and other stuff from stuff that's no longer used. All trash will be renewed.


Also, we'll live longer because of medical science. So yeah the future will have it's down sides, but some ups too.

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The "Future" is a VEEEERY broad term, but I'll do some increment's.


10 minutes from now:

  • I'll be eating dinner

5 Years from now:

  • Smarter Robots IE: better path-finding on house bots.
  • More robots helping the average person IE: Surgical robots, More things like this.
  • More expensive gas, larger focus on renewable fuel IE: Hydro electric, Solar, Geo.
  • American economy losing more and more steam, Asia's economy rising.
  • The rebellions in the middle east winding down.

10 Years from now

  • Not much petroleum left, strides forward in the renewable energy sector including the first practical usage of cold fusion.
  •  The first truly intelligent machines.
  • Space travel starts taking off. (lololololololololololol)
  • Bionic enhancements.
  • Fudging the line of what it is to be human.


20 Years from now:

  • Cold fusion is refined, Petroleum is nearly gone.
  • America collapses.
  • China rises to be the greatest world power.
  •  Mars base, Plasma based rockets start to see use.
  • First truly sentient machine.
  • The singularity is in sight

50 Years from now:

  • Most diseases cured.
  • Singularity reached.
  • Robot wars begin.
  • Power armor is used in infantry man.
  • First manned leaving of the solar system.
  • Alien signals show up on radios.
  • Earth is destroyed in an attempt by the robots to end the war.
  • Planetary colony's are barely holding on

75 Years from now:

  • Aliens appear, help us kick the ass out of the robots. (the aliens probably went through this themselves)
  • The sharing of ideas and technology.
  • Forming of alliance.
  • Rapid expansion into interstellar space.
  • Close to light speed travel reached.
  • Immortality withing sight, people living for hundreds of years.

100 Years from now:

  • Immortality achieved.
  • Immortality leads to development of regenerative ability's as well as the cure for every conceivable disease.
  • Energy based weapons begin to see use.
  • 3rd Alien race enters the mix, war ensues.
  • FTL is  beginning to look possible
  • Short range teleports come into use

 500 Years from now:

  • FTL is widely used.
  • We have left the galaxy.
  • Large stellar federation is made across the galaxy.
  • Contact with beings outside the galaxy.
  • True terraforming.
  • Golden age dawns due to the federation of sentient races.
  • Half life 3 is released.

Why don't we leave it there?

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I'm very negative about the future. However as bad as the future may be, good can also come from time passing.

  • Better technology
  • Advancement of Human Race
  • A lot of neat inventions
  • Possible new ideologies/revolutionary things
  • A lot of other neat stuff.
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I think it was Yogi Berra who said "Prediction is hard, especially about the future."  But, I'm gonna give it a go anyway.  I think the future is going to be complex and multifaceted, like now.  IOW, it won't be a shiny techno-paradise with a jetpack in every garage, or an Apocalypse (Zombie or otherwise) with people picking through the ruins for canned food and rags while fighting off Raiders with punk-rocker hairdos.  It'll probably be some of both, with a lot of other things besides.  There will be both positives and negatives, as always.


Major Trends:


Here are what I think will be the major trends that will shape the foreseeable future:


Decline of Fossil Fuels:


Currently, world fossil fuel production is at a "bumpy plateau," unable to continue increasing significantly, but not yet in an irreversible decline.  However, in terms of net energy, or EROEI (Energy Return on Energy Invested), we are already past "Peak" oil.  At the dawn of the petroleum age, high-quality ("light, sweet") crude oil was easy to get at.  It was possible to produce about a hundred barrels of oil while investing the energy-equivalent of about one barrel.  That cheap, high-quality oil is running out.  Nowadays, the fossil fuel industry is ramping up production of "unconventional" oil (fracking, tar sands).  These products are harder to get at, and require more energy to convert into oil.  As EROEI drops, oil prices rise, until "demand destruction" (economic downturns, fewer people being able to afford oil) forces them back down again.  As time passes, there is less oil available at prices people can afford.  A way of life that is built around being able to produce 100 barrels of oil with the energy of 1 barrel of oil cannot work in a world where producers can only put out 5 barrels of oil with the energy input of 1 barrel.  For those who predicted lower gas prices...sorry, that is not going to happen.  Gas prices will go up and down, but the long-term trend is going to be up.


Climate Change:


Climate change is already underway, and there is no sign of any efforts of sufficient scale and rapidity to transition away from hydrocarbon energy sources in time to reduce its effects.  Positive feedbacks such as methane releases from the arctic, the melting of Siberian permafrost, and loss of ice cover (ice is reflective; once it's gone, the ocean or land it once covered will absorb more sunlight, causing more warming) mean that warming will tend to cause more warming.  This, in turn, will cause greater climate instability, with more extreme and less predictable weather.  There will be more droughts and floods, causing higher food prices, which will cause political instability, as is currently taking place in the Middle East and North Africa.


As ice sheets (such as Greenland) melt, sea levels will rise.  Cities holding the lion's share of the human population will have to either build massive--and expensive--levees and sea walls to hold back the water, or abandon some areas and rebuild on higher ground.  This, combined with the effects of climate instability on food production will cause large scale migration of "climate refugees."


Financial Collapses and Disruptions:


The current global capitalistic economic system is predicated on the idea of permanent exponential growth.  Investments and loans are made on the premise that there will be more economic activity in the future to provide profits/repay the loans.  Without growth, investments and loans (as a whole; particular investments and loans may buck the trend and yield profits while others lose money) cannot provide the promise of more money in the future as a return for money input in the present.  It isn't possible to sustain exponential growth (e.g. "GDP growth of 2 percent per year") on a finite planet any more than it is with yeast cells in a petri dish.  We have reached a point where limits on the availability of cheap fossil fuel energy and other resources (arable land, topsoil, potable water, phosphorus, "rare earth" metals, etc.) are starting to make continual economic growth impossible.


Which means, there will be less and less reason to invest or loan money to fund business operations rather than hoard it or use it to purchase agricultural land.  Already, the financial industry has largely abandoned investments and loans for practical things like factories and such for dubious monetary shell-games, to the point that the putative "value" of "derivatives" (credit default swaps and other financial shenanigans) utterly dwarf the real economy of resources, goods, and services.


Advancing Automation and Artificial Intelligence:


Increasingly capable (and cheaper) robots and artificial intelligence software are undermining the structure of the current economic order, and will probably continue to do so on a larger scale in the future.  The current prevailing system defines a person's worth and place in society on "having a job."  As robots and computer programs--which can work 24/7/365, never get sick or complain or join unions--are able to perform more and more of the activities humans can do, there will be fewer "jobs" for people to "have."  This is especially the case for unskilled labor.  Automation wasn't as much of a problem in the past for a number of reasons.  Economic growth combined with a strong labor movement and the threat of Communism encouraged industrialists to use machines to increase the productivity of human labor rather than replace it entirely (also, the machines were not versatile and capable enough to do so), so that an unskilled laborer who would have been an impoverished peasant in previous eras could take home enough to support a middle-class standard of living. 


Since 1973 however, wages for the working class and middle class have stagnated, with the gains from economic growth being captured by the top 1% of income earners.  In addition, the new jobs being created by automation aren't for factory workers, they're for highly-trained and skilled computer programmers and technicians.  A factory worker, warehouse stocker, grocery store cashier, etc. replaced by a machine can't just go and learn how to build robots or code algorithms for natural language processing.  Even if they have the aptitude (no guarantees there), years of very expensive education stand between them and the promise of a job in the "new economy."  In addition, resource and energy constraints mean that the rapid economic growth of the past cannot be sustained.


On the other hand, automation could make it possible to shorten work-weeks, or provide a "Basic Income Guarantee" that could give people the ability to spend more of their time and energy engaged in creative projects of their own choosing rather than "working at a job."  It depends on how we choose to use the robots, and what sort of economic and political structures we set up.


Transition to Renewable Energy:


As fossil fuels become more expensive and scarce, it will ultimately become necessary for societies to transition to renewable energy sources.  Renewables are also becoming cheaper and more efficient.  However, renewable energy sources are very different in nature from fossil fuels.  Social structures and infrastructure built around the characteristics of fossil fuels will not be suitable for renewable energy, and vice versa.  Fossil fuels are easily storable, portable, and extremely energy-dense.  Pour a cup of gasoline into an empty gas tank and see how far and fast you can drive the car on it.  Now get out and try to push the car that far and fast.  Fossil fuels made it possible to build and operate a centralized electrical grid (large power plants provide economics of scale) and a massive transportation infrastructure.  24/7 baseload power and salads whose ingredients traveled as much as 3,000 miles to your dinner table.


Renewable energy sources (wind and solar) are diffuse and intermittent.  They have to be collected (by windmills and solar panels) over a wide area, and concentrated to useful intensities.  The wind does not always blow (and doesn't blow at the same rate when it does), and it's not always sunny (especially at night :) ).  While there are various ways to store renewable energy and use it later, they all involve energy conversion (storage in batteries, molten salt, etc.), and those involve thermodynamic losses.  EROEI strikes again.  When the whole process of energy generation is factored in (building whatever technologies you use to acquire, store, and transmit the energy, and whatever technologies you need to build those, etc.) nothing comes close to the energy density, storability, and portability of fossil fuels.  A civilization built on renewables will have to use much less energy, and use it differently, than the way we use energy now.  For example, renewables favor decentralization, in which energy is used close to where it is produced and if possible, when it is produced, to avoid the losses inherent in converting, storing, and transmitting the energy.  Intermittency means that any large-scale electrical grid based on renewables has to be "smart" enough to move energy back and forth through a network from many sources to many users rather than just increasing or decreasing the output of a single power plant on demand.




Decentralized energy + decentralized information creation and distribution (e.g. the internet, YouTube, etc. in contrast with big book publishers and movie studios) + decentralized manufacturing (3D printers becoming more advanced, able to produce a wider range of products) + decentralized mechanisms for cooperation and perhaps eventually, governance (e.g. web-based systems like Kickstarter and Kiva, crowdsourced information databases like Wikipedia, etc.) + the current dysfunction of national and international political and financial institutions could add up to the breakup of large nation-states into smaller--and more varied--polities.  As the mega-scale built environments of the hydrocarbon age (freeway systems, suburbia, etc.) become too expensive to use (due to rising gas prices) and maintain (due to falling government revenues, rising debt, and the need to deal with the effects of climate change), people will need to build new types of infrastructure better suited to the new realities.  I think it will most likely take the form of "Traditional Cities" (cities built the way they were before automobiles, with narrow pedestrian streets, buildings side-by-side and up against the street, but hopefully with good plumbing and electricity).  Climate change might also spur the development of various kinds of "tech-nomadism," people living on sailboats, floating cities, or all-terrain gypsy wagons that migrate when their portable wind turbines and solar panels collect enough energy to fill the graphene batteries.


I think we might see a wider range of technology levels; permaculture communes where people live off of "forest gardens" modeled on natural ecosystems which they tend by hand, not too far away from TechGnostic monasteries where people strive to leave their meat bodies behind in favor of virtual realities.




Whelp...what was meant to be an introduction has turned into a long treatise in its own right, which is probably gonna be TL;DR'd in favor of everybody else's bullet lists anyway, so I'll stop here for now. :)

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If we're talking a ideal image of the future. I know I'm gonna get flak for some of this.


-Most diseases cured.


-Relative world peace.


-Flying cars.


-Everyone owns gun. (Everyone carried a gun in the old west, there was less crime then, believe it or not.)


-A president that's actually good.


-Power armor


-Commercial space travel


-Personal space travel


-Can we just forget about


As for a more realistic image. I can see at least three of these coming


-The whole world becoming one big fascist nation with total conformity. This may take a few hundred years, but It will happen if people don't do stuff about it.


-The second US civil war. (or something similar)


-Rich people getting richer


-Poor people getting poorer


-Disney taking over all media ( I'm actually kinda serous about this.) 


And lastly


-My Little Pony: Friendship Is Magic gets cancelled.(This one is the worst :P)


I want to have a image of better future, but things will only get worse before they get better, unless people start doing something about it.

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~US will collapse,turn into Anarchy.

~China will be the new super power.

~Russia will have controlof some serious WMDs

~new super diseases and species

~ bigger super weapons

~ war on a galactic scale

~ Zombies


More positive stuff


~ Cleaner fuel sources

~ Renewable energy will be an everyday thing

~ unlock and harness the capability of the unknown human genome.

~ Spacecrafts that go the speed of light,or faster.

~ Interstellar travel

~ make contact and peace with other planets

~ Interplanetary trading

~ new elements discovered, resulting in better building materials.

~ Time travel is now possible, to the future at least

~  no need of a drivers license, society will have evolved enough. and you'll learn driving techniques in a regular school like you'd learn math or english.


~Super computers that fit into your pocket.

~completely autonomous Robots/ androids....think C-3PO.

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My image for the future... 


Option 1: Boom. Nuclear one.

Option 2: Boom. Chemical or viral.

Option 3: Boom. Whole new kind of bomb we don't know yet.

Option 4: Pandemia. Most die of this or that illnes.

Option 5: Hunger and clean water is a rarity, humanity destroys itself over the remaining resources.


Conclusion: Not much to speak of then. Be it the next day or in 1000 years, I have a firm belief we will destroy ourselves. Unless the nature will be faster, but I think it won't. Some humans will survive in tribal-like culture, stuck with mix of technology from stone and space age.

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My view of the future is very....not happy. This is basically in the distant future or what could happen over a long period of time.


-The US will either collapse or become a theocracy first then collapse afterwards

-Overpopulation will further increase suffering in places where suffering is already immense.

-War between the US and some middle eastern country or Russia.

-Natural resources will run dry and no real advancements will be made in other areas. Many seem fine with just using coal.

-Solar power will never become mainstream.

-Certain diseases go uncured. I really don't think cancer will ever be fully cured as much as I wish it could be.

-The general public will become even dumber, thus resulting in further deterioration of all media.


And that is all I can think of currently. I don't have much hope in the bigger scheme of things. Any major positives will be countered by what I listed. That is why I turn to simple and small pleasures for joy. That is always how I have approached it.

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As you can see, I have no faith in the future or the human race in general;


-More violent, incurable diseases.




-More frequent and devastating natural disasters.


-Higher gas prices.


-Less personal freedoms.


-Another Civil War breaking out in the U.S.


-More cults.


-More school shootings.


-The majority of animal species go extinct.


-Another World War/Final War fought with nukes.


-Nuclear Winter

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Pretty much Cyberpunk 2077

  • The world is very high-tech and almost anything is possible
  • Very insecure world because everything is hackable
  • Private life doesn't exist because of total control because of statement above
  • VR is on another level with full immersion
  • Digital worlds based on famous books/films/shows (including Equestria)
  • A lot of people live their lives inside these virtual worlds
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Cyborgs, holographic billboards, flying cars, taller skyscrapers, space colonies, more advanced medical treatments, powered armor, lasers, hovercraft, robots, a reunited Korea, colonies on the Moon, Mars, and Phobos and Deimos, and really big spaceships.

Edit: Oh. And colonies on Venus, the moons of the outer planets, and in other solar systems.

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