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Explain away the animation errors!

Sunny Fox

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In this thread, you point out an animation error and then explain it away! Make us believe that it’s somehow justified. I’ll go first:


A green apple turns red (from Friendship is Magic Part 1


Look at how hard Applejack jams that apple into Twilight’s mouth. Obviously, her gums were bleeding, making the green apple look red when she splits it out.


Can you think of an explanation for other animation errors?

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cyclops_pony_7375.png Rarity is very beautiful,as you know. So what happened was that rarity was so beautiful that she made one of his eyeballs ooze out.Then afterwards he was so sad he had one eyeball and couldn't be with rarity that he got a bald patch on his head.

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Ill leave this earth pony on a cloud to the physics brony

She has a really small set of wings that are set lower on her body than most pegasii. So her tail covers up her wings.

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